White Belt Blogger

As you can see, this is my 1st blog. Allow me to introduce myself; my name is will, the self-proclaimed “kanye west of martial arts” ( its a metaphor go figure). Often times some people out there may perceive me differently, but honestly I am a passionate individual with an overdose of ambition, swag, and intellect. Beneath the surface lies a person who has the thrill to “empower” people in all walks of life. Martial arts and fashion are my main passions, which i am on the pursuit of making a name for myself in both and use as a tool to build the tolerance and respect for all people!

Today, our generation is so fixated on the visual without focusing on the concrete substance of an individual before “judging”. Its really sad we live in this world where people have to filter themselves without being ostracized or ridiculed from not being in the norm. I use to be one of those people. Fortunately martial arts happens to be a lifestyle who i use to be a better person (fighter, philosopher) while fashion is used to accentuate my self expression.

Like Bruce Lee said, “To live is to Express and to express is to Create”. That being said, fashion and as well as martial arts are all about expression. Not so much of what we see, but live. That is what I am doing and the whole purpose of this site. Appreciating the beauty as well as the substance (foundation) on life is the true definition of Art. How can we live in a world where we are only “copy-pasting” and not showing the true essence of our selves. The renaissance has begun and I am apart of that movement.

If you know you have the true potential of being great in something, but do not have the support group or system, here I am. If you need inspiration to be greater (we all are human), here I am. We must understand we all can learn from each other and in closing, “inspiration is the daughter of truth” – Bruce Lee

Welcome to WuChicDo … the renaissance is now officially been televised!