Big Sean

Evidently I am a fan of G.O.O.D. Music.  The fact is Love the acronym (Getting Out Our Dreams) more, but this video is highly inspirational to anyone who has a once in a lifetime dream. Just remain hungry and perfect your craft. Someone is watching you. I guarantee it

The Call

Today I received a random phone call. In fact, it was from someone I did not want to even make a conversation with. The outcome was so predictable. It was from someone I use to consider as a mentor, which I will not say any names. The entire conversation last 00:46 seconds and none of it was relevant. Sometimes I never understand why some people even bother trying to connect with you.

They always want to talk about what happen 5 or 10 years ago, but when you are on to the next phase of your life, there is no room for these “shoulda, coulda, woulda moments”. True Story: The first time I fought black belt was at one of the biggest national tournaments in the country. I placed third beating the #2 fighter in the division; This was a huge accomplishment.  After the division was over several of the top coaches out there said, “you look good out there, keep it up”. Talking about a moment that can never be  replaced. Having friends who are world champions, being on tv, and traveling the world asking you when are you getting out here. There was never a straight response because I wasn’t fortunate with the support they had.  This went on for like 6 – 7 years from people in your circle was either discouraging the idea of going national or they didn’t have the same drive as you.

One person who taught me how to take charge of my life was my younger brother. He never let anyone stop him from achieving his goal. Once he passed a couple years, it shattered every atom of my being. How could I go on with the most supportive person I had is gone. Self reflection told me to look at my brother’s life as a tool to take charge of my own.

I can’t say I dislike or like my former mentor; however, the word I describe them as “Hindrance” from oneself. Hindrance is like a disease which some people have and love to spread to others. Its almost worse than AIDS because they know where you heading while pulling down in the process.

Some love to manipulate the unprecedented minds of individuals so they will not go beyond what they have experience; ironically, these people have killed others just so they can not succeed. Its basically greed fused with manipulation, but we must continue to perfect our craft.

Our passions will be shown throughout communities and  nations, which can inspire others to excel in their crafts as well. Sometimes these people can only be relevant within a short life span. You may never know when the lesson is learned, but you have to read between lines. If  you know you have a gift which is said on numerous occasions, but the MAIN people in your corner is trying to discourage you, its time for you to move on. God will place someone to replace that void in your life. Hopefully this message will help you like someone helped me. In the meantime, you make the call.

Random Thought

Today I have been going through a random thought, just like now. Sometimes in life we often do things because either people say this is what we have to do or feel like it is something we should do. Take me for instance, I am a father, trying to finish college, blogging, networking,training to become a world known martial artist, building up experience being a fashion stylist, training, work, etc

There is only 24 hours in a day and only one WIll!!!!! Now most people would say you gotta slow or something have to give something up. Personally how I feel right now, I am thinking about letting school go. To be realistic, when I ever graduate I would never be doing anything pertaining to my major (such a waste).

It baffles me how people always talk about go to college, but when the people who work at the same place you currently work has degrees for years with the same pay. Are you kidding me? why should I stress all of my time in something I am not going to make use of it. Their reply, “Its always to have that paper to back you up”.

The College Dropout Album is playing in my head right now.. Reality is life is what you make of it. You taking a risk of entering the real world to achieve in something you believe, but you ultimately risk losing yourself doing things that is not in your niche. Education is totally mandatory; do no get me wrong about that. Its really hard to juggle so many things at once. However, if we all are striving to become successful this comes in the package. We will always be engaging in activities which are obliged to us, which we have no desire in. Hell that is life period. Success deals paying your dues, not always about comfort. Sometimes when there are things you feel discouraged, just roll with the punches. The result may not be what you want, but at least you found a hidden piece of yourself.

Homage Friday: West Coast Action Team

Today is homage Fridays and I will introduce you to the West Coast Action Team (WCAT). Founded by world known martial artist, actor, and stuntman, Ernie Reyes Sr. Surf Ninjas, The Last Dragon, etc.). Their mission is to touch the hearts of people from all over the world with their martial arts performances. They are demonstrate the various martial arts styles in their performance (Like the first ong bak) ranging from weapons, high flying kicks, and self defense sequences.

WCAT has produced some extraordinary martial artist in the progress. Many of them have made it to the big screen, commercials, and were some of the forefathers of the tricking community (shoutouts to Loopkicks).   The video below is his son, Ernie Reyes Jr who was introduced as the little kid in The Last Dragon, Keno from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

Now because they do martial arts performance, Don’t think that is the only thing they can do. Ernie Reyes does make sure his students are well grounded in their self defense much as their performances. Performances are the recreational part of martial arts. these guys there express themselves and have inspired me back in the day. Osu!

Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry 2010

Its good to see she doing something else, shall i say. we miss your music

Marc Jacobs Bang

If you are looking for a cologne which has more of a grown man scent, Marc Jacobs’ Bang is definitely what you want. Fragrance is based on personal preference for the most part. I assume we all want to smell good.  Just like the innovative bottle, the scent packs a punch. A very masculine with a woodsy smell with patchouli as well. Fellas out there must know women LOVE this patchouli, but just make sure your swag is on point. On the other hand, the cologne might suffice everything else (maybe). You can get this at Macys, Sephora, or any other department store.

Self intervention

There is no reflection better than self reflection. Honestly who doesn’t wake up in the morning in the mirror admiring themselves. Naw, but seriously Kanye has really expressed his flaws pretty well in October’s XXL magazine. I am so glad he realize there are limitations for such attitudes and outburst. One of the greatness things he mentioned was, “at no point in life can you think you’re such a god that you do not have to deal with humanity”.

When we are in position of status or power, we tend to feel things from a superficial perspective. No one is untouchable and every dynasty has its fall. We must try to humble ourselves in the most comfortable and unfortunate situations.

Its easy when everything is smooth sailing; on the other hand, you really know how people really are during times of adversity. The only solution is to REALISTICALLY reflect from oneself and find a solution. If not,  you are Ultimately cheating your ultimate potential towards greatness. Self intervention involves knowing ones self first.

On a fashion point of view, the spread throughout the magazine gave me the looks of Calvin Klein or Dior Homme. Kanye prefers to view it as the “Rosewood” aesthetic. The minimal ensembles are so classic. The key to master this look is simplicity and tailoring. Really ready to see what they have to offer for the next year.

Oh you fancy huh?

Dope Rapper and Producer, Swizz Beatz graced GQ’s presence for their November Issue. The editiorial is based on different ways to rock bow ties. Muslims aren’t the only people who rock these bad boys. What I love about the spread is  the versitility of each ensemble; each look had its own personality. Bow ties can be worn from the office to the streets and to club. the question is how you gonna rock it??

Lanvin H&M sneak peep

Here’s a sneak peak from women’s collection From H&M/Lanvin. The garments look great! Its a lil gothic, but who doesn’t like gothic?! we know the world loves “all black everything” , but ain’t say anything. oops did i say that. pardon my french, but naw this is gonna be a great collection. really wanna see the men’s collection. stay tuned!

“Lost in the world”

Runaway was such an epic performance, I chose to write a blog from my interpretation of certain scenes in the music video. Selita Ebanks‘ phoenix character was so compelling beyond measure. The phoenix was used as a metaphor based on our rise and falls in our lives.

Essentially, the phoenix is reborn in due time after it burns into the ashes. The resurrection is to be refreshed and more well defined. We as artists go through our Phoenix stages. The question is whether are we gonna rise from ashes or turn into stone. Sad to say, most people turn into stone because they let people snatch the feathers from their wings because our world always want to change their natural being.

Selita Ebanks as the phoenix

When the man at the table asked Griffin (Kanye’s character) if he knew she was a bird. He replied, “I didn’t even think of it”. The interpretation was he never recognized her as being different;  instead, he looked at the essence of her well being.

This phoenix is a symbol of beauty landed on a foreign land which the world subliminally converts them opposed to their original niche. How many times have you witness people being ostracized or ridiculed from being something unique. Sometimes when its something they can not define, they like to place it in the closest box possible. On the contrary,  it is just your phases from adversity which unwilling causes you to burn. We have to leave the world in our former phase to burn. Burn is a reference to struggle. The ashes are metaphorically the leftovers from our struggle as we elevate on to another stage.

Griffin initially never wanted her to leave his world; in fact, He never understood her agenda as being a phoenix. As he was running, “Lost in the World” chorus begins to cue. He runs relentlessly for his phoenix. Unaware he is no different from the people in his world because he could not accept the phoenix’s destiny. She needed to burn. If she stayed with him, she would have turned into stone.

Translation, we never want to see the beautiful things in our lives to go away. However, we never know if they were only here to teach us a lesson. Kanye says, “you’re my devil, you angel. you my heaven, you my hell…”  The bars he was spitting were the subconscious thoughts  in the burning process. When we lost in the world, we either rise or turn into stone. We should never let others determine our destiny.