punch kick trap

Every art has a state of evolution. Sometimes is it a good thing or bad? personally we all have your mixed feelings about it, depending on the art (music, martial arts, art, etc.) . sometimes evolution miss out the core values and concept, which kept these arts alive.

The martial arts has starting to become more respected as a sport and I am glad! MMA is creating huge buzz everywhere. Creating circuits and fight clubs are apart of this martial art trend. This is my personal opinion, but would you consider MMA, a martial art or a brawling? Now many fighters in MMA come from martial arts background; however, I am starting to see people who jump into a ju-jitsu class for a few months and start doing MMA. I personally love the sportsmanship in MMA (better than most sports), but how do you apply the core values from previous martial arts into MMA? I mean who doesn’t love to watch tito ortiz or Rampage Jackson pound their opponents. Martial arts is a lifestyle (I don’t mean you have to be a monk either).

How you perform certain tasks and think on a philosophical level (wisdom) derives from years as a martial arts. Is it the same thing in MMA or is it a new word for street fighting? I just want to know is their real diversity to call it mixed martial arts.


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