Prof.Eric “Gomani’ Jefferson’s Seminar

A great friend of mine happened to have a martial arts seminar at the downtown YMCA. The whole concept of the seminar was to develop a couple of effortless techniques to defend yourself in a hostile environment.

Sensitivity (key component in wing chun) builds brain memory to provide second natural reaction . Once you are completely confident with your block/striking, you should rarely have a fear of getting hit. However, if you never use to taking a strike, I suggest you spar more lol.  Over all the seminar was good for those seeking to learn self-defense and add something new to your arsenal.

Gomani explaining his concept

His martial arts certificate

True Story: Gomani and I were not always on the best terms. In fact, we were like rivals as teenagers. Two people from different schools, backgrounds, and strong sense of pride (in the art) can really cause friction. Ironically, for several years I wanted to squash the beef. Instead, I didn’t want to be the loser of this battle.  Sometimes the people who tend to help you at your worse moments of your life suddenly appears for support really shows who they really are. Sometimes you can’t put a price on genuine support; You have to be realistic about situations and let your pride go.

Pride can often burn bridges from reaching your true potential. We all can learn from each other. The love for the martial arts has caused a greater bond towards helping one another opposed to destroying each other. osu!


One thought on “Prof.Eric “Gomani’ Jefferson’s Seminar

  1. I attended the seminar and found the technique easy to learn. I hope to continue taking classes to build my knowledge of martial arts . Also, I agree with the grown man statement of pushing your pride aside in order to realize your true self and other peoples genuine personalities. Kudos!

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