Akira (Manga)

Perhaps one of the greatest Animes of all time. Strongly think they should make a live action movie. If so, it must be a Japanese and American collab (Think Nigo and Pharrell). Another movie with a strong plot.


One thought on “Akira (Manga)

  1. I agree that Akira, being the classic that it is has the POTENTIAL to be translated into an epic film…

    but, i can’t help but feel pessimistic about it not being executed effectively. Whenever something that has such a cult following is translated to film…the screenplay writers and producers take too many liberties, and often aren’t fans of the work in the first place.

    Akira as a film is a conversation i’ve had on numerous occasions, but im highly skeptical. ….It still URKS me they are attempting “Ninja Scroll”…such a classic..im nervous ;0 lol

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