Random Thought

Today I have been going through a random thought, just like now. Sometimes in life we often do things because either people say this is what we have to do or feel like it is something we should do. Take me for instance, I am a father, trying to finish college, blogging, networking,training to become a world known martial artist, building up experience being a fashion stylist, training, work, etc

There is only 24 hours in a day and only one WIll!!!!! Now most people would say you gotta slow or something have to give something up. Personally how I feel right now, I am thinking about letting school go. To be realistic, when I ever graduate I would never be doing anything pertaining to my major (such a waste).

It baffles me how people always talk about go to college, but when the people who work at the same place you currently work has degrees for years with the same pay. Are you kidding me? why should I stress all of my time in something I am not going to make use of it. Their reply, “Its always to have that paper to back you up”.

The College Dropout Album is playing in my head right now.. Reality is life is what you make of it. You taking a risk of entering the real world to achieve in something you believe, but you ultimately risk losing yourself doing things that is not in your niche. Education is totally mandatory; do no get me wrong about that. Its really hard to juggle so many things at once. However, if we all are striving to become successful this comes in the package. We will always be engaging in activities which are obliged to us, which we have no desire in. Hell that is life period. Success deals paying your dues, not always about comfort. Sometimes when there are things you feel discouraged, just roll with the punches. The result may not be what you want, but at least you found a hidden piece of yourself.

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