Colwyn Boot – Marc Ecko

I recently have been on this sneaker rage lately. sneakers are definitely a work, but there is only so many places (or outfits) you can get away with sneakers. We all must have versatility in our style. Casual boot was ringing through my feet. If you have frugal moment like me, then it only means you only want to save more money. The Colwyn Boot by Marc Ecko is an economically great boot to purchase. The shoes does appeal towards the Nantucket/nautical look; however, it does provide a sense of casual urban flare! you can wear these with jeans, chinos, corduroys, or even suit pants (its your prerogative). Being able to emerge out of your comfort is where you tend to find your true sense of style.

Homage Friday: Helio Gracie

I have been doing tribute to primarily stand up practioners. This week’s tribute is to Helio Grace, the father of Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. He was the only 10th degree living in the system. Throughout his martial arts journey has fought amongst the elite and gained the utmost respect.

For some people do not know that Brazilian Ju-Jitsu is a combination of Judo and Ju-jitsu. The style is well known for its submission holds and breaks which are the bread and butter in the MMA world.  He formed this style based on his inability for maximum leverage from Judo. Instead, he experimented with a system where smaller people would defend themselves against larger opponents (talking about making the system fit you).  The Gracie Family are well respected throughout the world with Brazilian Ju-jitsu quickly spreading everywhere.  He truly built a legacy which benefited business, careers and organizations; therefore, I salute to him.

The state of karate part 1 by Jadi Tention

Here is one of my favorite martial arts fighters growing up, Jadi Tention. He has won countless sport karate titles in fighting. He also fought with various teams such as John Paul Mitchell, Straight up, and All Stars. The vlog he made is quite TRUE. We are currently in a state which karate is not respected. Some of you should know the reason.  This is only part one. part 2 will be coming soon!

Nikki Minaj

The hip hop vixen’s album Pink Friday was released on 11/22/10 along with My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy. Nikki has been on popular demand for quite some time now. For the ladies out there, she has teamed up with M.A.C. on her exclusive lipstick launch (muah!)  on black friday. Her hustlin is makin these cats fall like dominoes!

Multi Coloured Aztec Cardigan – Chunky Knitwear – TOPMAN USA

Fellas if you are looking for a sweater to separate you from the rest, this sweater will definitely do it! This cardigan from Topman gives you the focal point you will need. The base hue is a neutral color, but the brighter hues such as the torquoise, red, and yellow Aztec design delivers a pop. The detail in the garment is excellant. Sure it looks like a sweater your parents bought you for christmas at first, but with the correct garments, you can not go wrong.

Perhaps where it light blue oxford button up, khakis, and some suede dessert boots for a casual look. If you want to go for an urban look, layer it with white t-shirt (fitted), scarf of your personal choice, jeans, and some hi-tops to accent the color in the shoes (I prefer either red or turquoise). Depending on your look, Its safe to purchase a larger size to create more volume of the garment. Topman always have fashion forward items for the masses with reasonable prices.

Multi Coloured Aztec Cardigan – Chunky Knitwear – TOPMAN USA.

Louis Vuitton 2011 City Guides Collection

Louis Vuitton is honoring artist Ruben Toledo’s with the release of a collector’s set of 100 postcards in virbrant colors. The illustrations were made for the Louis Vuitton City Guides since 1998. The images that capture in paint the guides’ distinct vision of travel and passion for detail.

A few cities  including Berlin, Kyoto and Nara alongside London, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, New York and Tokyo will be in the line up.

Louis Vuitton 2011 City Guides Collection.

Kanye Expanding

Kanye West has released his long anticpated  album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy this past monday (bought 2 Deluxe Copies). The album was  adefinitely wait, but according to (, Kanye is expecting to expand his business into fashion and fragrance industry. The launch will be sometime next year. He will working along  fashion house, Lanvin, on a high end fashion line.

I am quite frankly thrilled of his new business ventures, but the only thing that struck me whether he acknowledges many of his fans will be able to afford the garments of his fashion line? Not saying it should available at stores such as Kohls (no pun intended) or anything. What is going to look like? Will it be another BBC or  A Bathing Ape? I highly doubt it will be in comparison towards those 2 lines; however, people would be curious on its clothing style. Regardless its gonna kill ten fold! 2011 is going to be a great year for of us!