is world champion just a title?

I am on this journey not only to be the best at being me, but the best in my artistic ability in martial arts and fashion.  Being the best requires beating the best (self explanatory) in their own game. Now people this achievement does not happen over night. There are going to be blood, swear, tears and even sacrifices. we must want it as much as we need to breathe, period!

During this journey, I have notice in the martial arts there are hundreds of world champions. Personally, can you tell me what a world champion is? can we use the term, world class martial artist instead? If you are a world champion, then that means you have beaten every one in the world to earn that title. Now there are some people who are compete in the forms and weapons who I can call “world champions” such as Matt Emig, Marc Canonizado.

However, my dream is to have people who so-called world champions come together and fight  against each other to see who is really world champion (NASKA, ATA, PKC, UFC, K1, etc). Politically, this will NEVER work out nor happen. There will be too much money on the line for the corporations. What do you think?

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