ASOS Shawl Collar Slim Fit Tuxedo Navy Jacket

Some of us fashionistas were not able to grasp the recent Lanvin for H&M collection. Considering the fact it was only available in selective locations caused a slight devastating effect upon us. However, some substitutions are made equal. Take this tux for instance. It is a shawl collar navy blue one buttoned tuxedo jacket by ASOS. The collar is contrasted as black. This jacket is quite elegant and would suffice from the H&M collection.

This jacket is so sickening beyond measure! Obviously you can dress this up going to a formal event or wanna exhibit a more urban chicness by layering a t-shirt with some straight leg jeans, scarf, loafers, or sneakers. Once again, Its your prerogative! Its kinda kanye, but its all about how you gonna translate your swag or style in the mix.  The jacket can definitely provide some mileage like a Kardashian (was that shade??? I think it was the truth lol). All jokes aside, you can really give alot of diversity in this jacket.

For the price of $172.00 isn’t not bad at all! Asos is a site I discovered sometime last year. I would consider them kinda like a british H&M or forever 21, but better.  Hate giving out of my discovered sources, but tis the season to be jolly; therefore, I am sharing the wealth.  expect to see pics with tux for new years. happy holidays!

ASOS Tailoring | ASOS Shawl Collar Slim Fit Tuxedo Navy Jacket at ASOS.

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