Random Thought on: The Last Dragon

The Last Dragon considered as a cult classic. The movie starred Taimak as “Bruce Leeroy” who is seeking the final level towards achieving the glow. During this journey, he fights for a love interest (Vanity) and overcome the intimidating Sho’ Nuff (Julius  Curry). There have been some spectulation there is going to be a sequel in the works. I believe The Rza is gonna be apart of the project along Samuel L. Jackson as Sho’ Nuff. I love Samuel Jackson, but him as the antagonist is a complete no no! Not saying he can’t put the job off, but it would a distraction in regards to the movies based on his star status. Everyone would agree to have Busta Rhymes as Sho’ Nuff! Busta has the energy and charisma to even potential outdo his predecessor.

Who would play the love interest, Laura Charles? Rihanna? NO!!! If I had to choose, either Ciara, Janelle Monae, or Keri Hilson. Because of her gorgeous looks, sexy legs, and incredible dancing moves, Ciara would do great to play the VJ vixen. Janelle Monae would be a great because she could offer what Ciara can, but possibly more. The reason I believe more towards her is because the  audience would glimpse a different perspective of Janelle. Seeing her in sexy women garments would definitely create a stir up a conversation. She truly has the beauty and energy to pull it off. Ms. Keri? I do not have to say much on that matter because she has perfection written all over here. My heart drops seeing her sexy ass, so she would be perfect.

One thing I be DAMNED is if they use Taylor Lautner as the last dragon. Some people may not know, but Taylor was a national martial arts champion in the early 2000’s. As a brethren to the art, its all due respect for my opinion based on whose gonna be Bruce Leeroy (like me lol)…  Bruce Leeroy should definitely have a martial arts background. However, seeing a black martial arts star (only if you count Michael Jai White) in america is like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs.

Naw it would be surreal, but being able to have a contribution or feature in the action scenes would be a great idea. Perhaps playing a significant character in the movie would suffice. Playing Bruce Leeroy is probably even black kid’s dream being in the martial arts. I would think Ernie Reyes sr. and Ernie Reyes should come back to develop the fighting choreography. Being apart of a world renown martial arts demo/stunt team and were in the original movie, it would be just perfect. Overall, the movie must have a great script and give apart of the essence of martial arts back on the map.


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