Christmas in Louisville

Displaying my military chic with my exclusive Jeremy Scott Mickey Mouse kicks

Rushing to the mall to buy gifts is finally over. Christmas has finally come, but I wasn’t feeling the spirit at first. Kinda funny who you use to be a kid going to bed at 8 o clock so you can wake up at 5 or 6 in the morning to unwrap your gifts; I would up at 11 o clock (world record for me) lol.

There were alot of gifts under the tree, but they all went to my superstar son. It was a pleasure for him to grace the family with his presence. His grandparents bought him Mercedes G class powerwheel smh amongst other gifts. Far as his wardrobe, Polo most definitely a must; however, I did like some of the items childrens place had such as the fair isle sweater and button up shirts. My son’s mom came by and got me some Ankle/wrist weights. Perhaps this was the best gift ever because it will help my resistance and speed for my martial arts activities.  Kudos to Em for that!

Asa's car in my parents shop

Christmas night was about partying, but the city was dead. It didn’t stop some of my close ones from having a good time. 4th st was gracious to provide no cover charge; however it always good to know people. Last night was really coo because I have met a cousin I never met before. She was hella funny.

Christmas is not always about material items, but the gift of human connection. Connection with your loved ones and celebrating  the true reason.  Don’t get me wrong if someone wanted to get me a pair of Gucci Moccasins or electronics, know yourself out but it shouldn’t only that. The world is so much more. Hope every one has a chic merry christmas.

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