Random Thought: the weekend

Today I went to Borders downtown, which had a huge store closing sale. The editorials were all 40% off. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the latest Vogue and Elle magazines; on the other hand, there were some great fashion magazines to gain some knowledge for the latest looks and trends.

Personally, I do not jump on a TREND because that is something everyone wants to be apart of. Its the most popular and safe thing to do. However, many items i purchase be on trend at the right time. The purpose of getting the editorials were to find specific looks for my upcoming spring/summer wardrobe.

Nothing more what I have been doing, but its always great to do a little of an enhancement for yourself. A secret what I am doing which most guys are not comfortable doing or even thought is to find inspiration from looking at womenswear.

Just to clear the smoke from the air, I am NOT talking about skirts or dresses (lol).  This sounds a bit awkward; however, one of the major trends right now on the runway is the belt wore outside on the blazer. Now this look has been known for women to do, but now it provides a masculine twist! Don’t take the idea too literal, but from looking at color palette does help. Translating what was originally a womenswear into menswear can be successful and difficult.

To save you some money, its best to see what you have in your closet to provide the looks you are going for! Many people would be surprised on the luxury that’s right under your nose (next I make sure to take my own advice!). Nothing feels better than saving some change in your pocket. Once again this is all a random thought.

John Galliano Suspected from Dior

I was going through my twitter just recently. There was a significant traffic regards to John Galliano. Comes to find out John Galliano was arrested last night for alleged assaults and anti-semitic insults towards a couple in a Paris Cafe’ . He is not suspended from creative director of Dior, which will not tolerance any kind of behavior as such.

No company or brand would ever want to be stigmatized for any hateful insults regards to race, sex, religion, etc.  This is totally shocking, but what in life isn’t? All of that talent wasted. Lets see how he’s gonna come back on this one.. stay tuned

Who said diablo wears Prada??

Clean Lines and impeccable tailoring. This Prada Campaign for spring/summer 2011 gives a slight retro vibe due to the photography and color palette. The first image is 90’s chic all the way, which is in trend right now! From vibrant hues to cool shades of blue, These are looks which can be easily put together for your own individual style!


Hedi Slimane for YSL and Stefano Pilati for Armani

As of right now, there is a rumor (a source) Hedi Slimane will be working for the Parisian fashion house, Yves Saint Laurent. Being a fan of both, this is clearly beyond a win-win situation!

Slimane is widely know for his innovation regards to fashion (working  7 years with Dior and 3 years prior with YSL) and a dope ass photographer. This man is the jack of all trades. What he may bring to the table to this fashion house will display a case of unfathomable gratitude for all fashionistas; therefore, I will be impatiently waiting on the campaign ads once they launch!

So what is going to happen to Stefano Pilati? There is some speculation he will be going to be at Giorgio Armani. Now mind you this is a RUMOR so I am not totally sure. However this will be great if this comes into fruition. Come to think of it, I can be more than assure Lanvin will seek to extend Alber Elbaz‘s contract.

Also a fellow former employee for Yves Saint Laurent, His asset to Lanvin is equivalent to Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton or Tom Ford was at Gucci. Once again this is only a rumor at the moment!

Solo Dolo Training

There is one thing I love to do, which is practice martial arts at night! I am not really sure what it is about, but it gives me a sense of freedom from the outside world. Although I am in the house listening to either Jay Z, Kanye, or Pharrell, My mind is on this steady pace of constant flow streaming through the vains of an ambitious person..

Crazy to say its almost orgasmic (maybe that is not a great analogy), but it is very intimate. Trapping yourself in a room with a motive to become the greatest you can be without any interference.. Just me and the music. The music we often listen to determines our latitude in life. Whether we want to believe it or not, It is the truth!

Music is a huge part of my training. Its where I find my rhythm. Every martial artist and fighter has their own rhythm. This is like the pulse in fighting; without a pulse, functionality is nonexistent! A fighter must use his/her rhythm to attack, counter, evade, and time an opponent. A necessary process which is the foundation of fighting!

Rhythm is also used in peforming in kata (japanese for form). Katas are a sequence of martial art techniques demonstrating attacks, blocks and stances in a dance-like motion. On the contrary, this was not part of my training. I warmed up with cardio movement for about 6 -10 minutes (3 songs). I eventually focused on basic punches and kicks! This can be boring, but you should never lose the sight on your basics! The drilling was the most fun.

I was tired and start to feel my feel to blister. There is no need to stop practicing because there is some one out there who is just as hungry as you aiming for the top! This is not a perfect world and we must push ourselves beyond our limits. It is the only way we shall become better. After 45-60 minutes of working out, my body is feeling terrible. Lord knows my body is  gonna go through major aches, but at least afterwards I feel like I can take on the world! The reward is after the hardwork is performed. Alright people lets get it!


Anis Cheurfa for G-Shock (Nylon Magazine)

Anis Cheufra is doing big things! Being featured in some of the hottest music videos to starring in the phenomenal disney film, Tron Legacy. This martial artist/actor/trickster is in the campaign ad for G-Shock. Totally glad to see another martial artist from the sport martial arts scene getting the spotlight in a modest fashion.  I was convinced to see a flash kick or perhaps a hypercork for a more artistic flare in the ad; however, this is will do just fine. Kudos to ya Anis!

Balmain Jackets: Overpriced??

Alright I have been seeing alot of Balmain lately via la blog. Every since Beyonce wore that insanely priced military jacket, I have been keep the prowl on the Parisian fashion house.

The question I am asking is the price of their jackets truly worth it? I mean they are stupid dope and every, but seriously?

Despite how I planning on making in the future, I wouldn’t purchase a garment for only a season. Prices like that should be investment which would be timeless.. Give me a Billionaire Boys Club varsity jacket and I am good!

Image source: Upscalehype