My take on: Michael Caine as Yves St. Laurent

There have been several autobiography movies released in regards to political figures, artist, etc. Now besides Coco Chanel and Valentino, there has not been a consistent project in the world of fashion. People never give fashion designers the credit far as shaping the world what it is today. Fashion certainly does create, revamp, and revolutionize our lives because “Image is everything“!

One of the designers should have a biography film based on their life is Yves St Laurent (YSL). Although he has passed away a few years now, but he has placed mark in fashion. From working for Christian Dior, creating the safri trend, women in menswear, etc., there is no reason for a movie not to be made in his honor. The only actor to truly pull off the late great designer is simply Michael Caine.

Michael Caine has been some form of a fashion icon himself. Caine’s British charm and sophistication stamps the approval of this portrayal. It is quite ironic they kinda resemble if you ask me.  Nevertheless, this movie needs to be made with the right people. The casting and direction should have a indie feel, which will give the film some authenticity.

If this movie ever pops off and he is in the movie, I want my damn cut! The public to see the greatness of a extraordinary designer whose success brought struggles, depression and innovation are really inspire individuals in all aspects of life. No one can do it like Michael Caine.  My choice for a younger Yves in the film would either be Jude Law or James Franco (either one is a winner).


One thought on “My take on: Michael Caine as Yves St. Laurent

  1. I ABSOLUTELY could not agree with you more. Cain possesses the je ne s’ai quoi necessary to pull off an effective St. Laurent. No one else has his verve. Well said!

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