Random Thought: the weekend

Today I went to Borders downtown, which had a huge store closing sale. The editorials were all 40% off. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the latest Vogue and Elle magazines; on the other hand, there were some great fashion magazines to gain some knowledge for the latest looks and trends.

Personally, I do not jump on a TREND because that is something everyone wants to be apart of. Its the most popular and safe thing to do. However, many items i purchase be on trend at the right time. The purpose of getting the editorials were to find specific looks for my upcoming spring/summer wardrobe.

Nothing more what I have been doing, but its always great to do a little of an enhancement for yourself. A secret what I am doing which most guys are not comfortable doing or even thought is to find inspiration from looking at womenswear.

Just to clear the smoke from the air, I am NOT talking about skirts or dresses (lol).  This sounds a bit awkward; however, one of the major trends right now on the runway is the belt wore outside on the blazer. Now this look has been known for women to do, but now it provides a masculine twist! Don’t take the idea too literal, but from looking at color palette does help. Translating what was originally a womenswear into menswear can be successful and difficult.

To save you some money, its best to see what you have in your closet to provide the looks you are going for! Many people would be surprised on the luxury that’s right under your nose (next I make sure to take my own advice!). Nothing feels better than saving some change in your pocket. Once again this is all a random thought.


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