Bey or no Bey

Recently I have came across some photos from one of my closest friends. we got happened to meet from a martial arts tournament when we were juniors (under 18+). For specifics reasons I will not put out her name, but will call her “Bey” (go figure). Bey is of course my metaphor as Beyonce; Indeed she was my Beyonce (in my head of course) during my adolescent years.

There was nothing anyone can say about her negative towards me. Bey is one of those one of a kind friends you will only seem seldomly. Now once you see them, you will vividly remember every last moment. Mind you she fought as good as she looks! Model height, hair always did, very chic, the whole nine yards.

The first time I saw her fight was on stage at the Bluegrass Nationals in 2000.  Love at first sight was totally an understatment! Never in my life I have ever encountered a girl who actually made my soul quiver managing to mask a poker face. This face was extremely hard to maintain; I guess it was warrior strength lol. Most pretty girls I have came across have jacked up attitudes, but she is totally different.

Humble is the best word to describe Bey. She never showed any form of arrogrance fused with a smile no one can ever forget! She always fought in tournaments with such class. The funniest thing was to see her fight with her hair so it doesn’t get messed up. Like Julius (not my brother, but Beyonce’s bodygaurd), I was like her secret bodyguard.

This knight and shining armor who would been there a the drop of a dime. Quite frankly, I took my voluntarily “Top Flight” security job seriously at times. The 3rd degree black belt she possessed truly showed her could still handle herself. I was so upset how some guys fought her at this tournament. Bey kicked their ass leaving me with a huge grudge over those bastards. Besides my brother, she was always the one who cheered the loudest when I was trying to put on a show, for her.  Her heart was so gentle and really appreciate the talks we had about our future goals. She was always supportive no one other.

The fact she made such an impression to equate the unconditional support truly drives me towards achieving ultimate happiness in my human endeavors. Unfortunately, me and Bey were not meant to be, but our friendship is eternity. Beyonce and Kanye would not be a compatible mix (metaphorically speaking), but the moral of the story is would you rather be the person to feel invincible or inadequate. You are the company you keep! When a person is achieving towards greatness, there will be GREAT obstacles leading the way. We just have to remember the encouragement your friends give you. If you don’t any, find it within yourself.  One thing I did get is closure from an unfinished chapter and On to the next.



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