Wu Xia Knight


      We are considered to be in the retro age in the 21st century. For example, popular martial arts video games such as, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat being revamped in greater ways ever imagined! Now its time for the martial arts media to be back to the mainstream on America soil.

     An extraordinary source revealed this ill photo on an upcoming film Project which Ernie Reyes Jr. (a fellow martial arts actor/stuntsman) will be involved in.  There’s currently nothing specific revealed about the film yet, but if the executive producers of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are apart of this upcoming film, its gonna go major viral! From looking at the image, you would anticipate greatly as much as I would!

The first time taking of look of this, I automatically vision Raiden. However , totally confident the plot will based on some revamped old school martial arts element. Expect more news in the future!

Kate Moss – Paris Vogue

Kate Moss on the May 2011 cover of Vogue Paris

Of course Fashion model Kate Moss is sexy, but damn she has been on popular demand. After all, she is the 3rd highest paid model! Paris Vogue decided to knight her on to their May issue. The seductive red backdrop truly enhances the red lipstick for a lil’ more sex appeal. Normally I hate red lipstick on women, but Kate does it pretty well..

Georges St. Pierre Interview circa 2009

This is one of the reasons why I respect Georges St. Pierre (GSP)! I can truly believe he’s a martial artist based on the fact he gives props towards different styles (i.e. blitzing in sport karate) regards every style has its own benefit. People are always trying to bash sport karate competitors, but coming from a top MMA fighter such as GSP, what can you debate from his statement?! nothing. Appreciate the art in its entirety

Nike Space Jam Dunks

The first time I saw the title of this shoe, I was curious how it would sell just based on the fact its inspired from Air JordanSpace Jam” edition. Far as material, the shoes is practically the same (not really).. The question is would people really buy this shoes if it didn’t mention space jam.. Honestly the sneaker is dope, but being compared towards its Jordan counterpart, I totally doubt! If you are in the Louisville area, the best place to have these would at home skate shop. They are the only ones with the exclusive Nike SB sneakers!


Randy Couture retiring after UFC 129

There are very few who can do what MMA fighter, Randy Couture, has done throughout his career. He has fought some of the best; On the other hand, he has lost from some of the best. Randy will be announcing an official retirement after UFC 129. He states he’ll be focusing on other ventures (i.e. acting) .

 Winning or Losing doesn’t matter to Couture. For being in his late 40s, its amazing how he can still pound for pound fight at the elite level. Mind you this fight is going to be BIG which will go down in history on April 30th. Over 55,000 thousand spectators will be capturing the great bout between him and Lyoto Machida! There are some speculation he is trying to hide from Fedor, but honestly I know a warrior when I see one. If Randy Couture wanted to fight Fedor, then he would have done it!

Retiring at the right time was a very smart thing, yet a hard one. How often do you see people still pursuing careers when the torch has already been passed down while they still trying to live their so-called prime. Most people like that are only defined from what they do. If you was the stripe away their titles, what will these people fall back on? nothing!

Along side Bas Rutten, Anderson Silva, and Rashad Evans, Randy Couture has always been one of my favorite MMA fighters. Seeking official retirement and seeing what else the world has to offer for Randy is great way to live ya life! The video below I found showcasing Mr. Couture:


Spring must have item: Espadrilles

Its been over a month since we have stored those thick sweaters and heavy garments and brought out the spring/summer items instead. Out of all the must have items this spring/summer has to be the Espadrilles! One thing about these kicks appears to be very comfortable. This jack of all trade shoe can be worn out on beach trips, running errands and around the house (of course)..

Personally I am not a trend whore, but what truly caught my eye about these kicks the fact they really look like kung fu slippers Bruce Lee use to rock! Due to the economically cost, you probably wanna get at 3-4 pair because they are so cheap! expecting an look from these soon!

Air Yeezy 2

This is what you all waiting for ain’t it?! Rumors have been surfing Kanye West was wearing the Nike Air Yeezy 2’s in Robert Rodriquez’s short film, “The Black Mamba” featuring Kobe Bryant. Recently Mr. West performed at Cochella music festival in California with the next big thing in sneakers. Unfortunately I was unabled to grab the first 3 pairs; NO More!! These bad ones will be in my possession soon once the date is released! Stay tuned on the pursuit of the Air Yeezy 2. #roadtrip

Emptying Cups and Bruises

Me and Sifu Taylor after practice back in 2010

Tonight my parents were gracious (as always) to watch my son while I happened to go across town for sparring practice. There is a local tournament held this weekend so I would need to get some serious cardio pumping and some nice sparring! Today some of my buddies were doing some serious sparring! Full Contact kicking threw with some major punching to follow it up! This pic below is one of my new war wounds. You can not see the true effect, but there is some major swollen and bruising going. However, in this game, you either fight or flight! Although I am a sneakerhead, there will not be any Nike Flight swinging in this direction!

 Olympic Karate in Louisville is where I have been training for about 2 years now. Considering the fact I was a free agent nearly 4 years (departure to magic hands), I have never knew the right person to guide me on my martial arts towards my next journey was right in front of me.

 My instructor, Sifu Taylor, sure does know how to direct people in the right path. I appreciate the coaching and knowledge he has bestow upon me regards to the martial arts as a whole. One thing about martial arts people tend to forget about is growth. In order for us to grow, we must empty our cup. For example, the class I was religiously attended 11 years prior was a blend of wing chun kung fu and freestyle karate. I considered myself decent in the art of wing chun, but more proficient in freestyle martial arts.

The best way to grow as a contemporary martial artist is to reinforce your tradition. This is very essential in the martial arts because the 2 basically go hand and hand. Although we must have a free spirit, yet there should be a structure to fall back upon. Relearning my wing chun from the ground up is a humbling experience. Even though I knew the application to the blocks and strikes, there was something missing, a true concept! Recently my eyes have been revealed the traditional wing chun aesthetic. If I want beyond proficiency in Wing Chun, I must “refill my cup”.

How can we expect to grow without acknowledging this process? Most of the time, water tends to overfill the cup resulting a overfloating experience. While the cup is overflowed, the water you tried to obtain is now gone. Emptying your cup never means forget what have learned. Instead, open your eyes to another perspective if you have the desire to grow! How can we say we wish to excel in fighting, kata, designing, or styling if we do not humble ourselves to empty our cups. The first step towards growth to humble yourself..

Patricia Field against trends??

If you all are in to fashion as I am, I would pray and hope you are totally aware of Patricia Field. She is the mastermind behind the women who some wished to look like Carrie and her glamorous crew from Sex and the City as well as Ugly Betty. One of the things I love about her styling is the emphasis on the characters in each series. Most people fail to realize that fashion is not only based on looking good or chic, but the ability to compliment your personality.

 In recent reports via Thefashionspot, Fashion stylist and designer, Patricia Field has  discussed her latest project with U by Kotex.  Throughout the entire interview, what stuck out the most was her opinion regarding trends. Field said, “I feel that trends go against individualism and would not suggest following trends. Ban the trend!” Quite frankly this was a total shock to me based on the fact she’s both a stylist and fashion designer. On the contrary, I totally applaud her courageous statement.

       There are many people in our society are always try to stay “on  trend”? Now is this a good thing or bad thing? Personally, it really depends how you look at the situation. People tend to lose theirselves pertaining to trends. This is the individualism being extracted she expressed. For example, how often do you see and (or) hear teenagers discuss about waking up ealry saturday morning to grab the latest pair of Jordans? Now are they doing this because they truly appreciate the Air Jordan aesthetic or the attention for having them?

 Sometimes both!  Like money, trends reflects statement to the public eye. The two choices lies whether you are on or off trend. This can diminish the ultimate individualism of a person from the exception of society’s approval.

Individualism in fashion are signature components which identify a person’s style, swag, etc.  Life constantly changes, therefore trends change.  Changes are good based on the fact it makes life more interesting. Who wants to live life  completely methodical. We would go insane right? This is way trends is benefical because it refreshed you switch up. If you have a specific look you are comfortable which compliments your character, than do that shit! Sometimes we see older people stuck with same style or trend(s) for decades. The older you get, trends can be overwhelming for one to keep up.

I do think trends can destroy individualism, but we should be aware of the times. Seek ways to maintain your sense of self while providing different variations regarding to trends. This way you will still be fresh without sacrificing your well being. Just remember that fashion is life shifting through time filled with sudden and usual changes.
Read more: Patricia Field Wants to Ban Trends: A tFS Exclusive Interview | The Fashion Spot http://www.thefashionspot.com/runway-news/news/164215-patricia-field-wants-to-ban-trends-a-tfs-exclusive-interview#ixzz1JvtSH11q