Topshop – Cosmic Dress by Motel

Fashion Designer, Christopher Kane has thrilled us fashion viewers on his recent galactical garments (t shirts, hoodies, cardigans, etc.) . Come to find out there was a dress also released in his latest collection. Sadly, not all women either able to afford or wanna pay the price of that dress (gas prices people!)

! Ladies, I have found close to a great alternative which is practically a fraction of the dress of Kane’s dress. This Cosmic Dress by Motel is cookin! The dress has a black mesh neck panel with a sweetheart neckline. Add a biker jacket to give a little edge to your look or a sexy little trench coat over it!  If you want to freak it up a little, throw some rhinestones or crystals to create a star effect! Its a sexy dress, so you make it SEXY!! I would love to see a fine  woman strutting down the catwalk     street  having me looks deep with in the stars in this! A great substitute like this would make you so happy! I highly recommend.



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