Old Skool: David Douglas 1997 Compete Nationals

One of my favorite martial artist, David Douglas. Excellent basics and techniques. I can truly say most people who kicked back in the day focused on their basic kicks, which actually show! Oh did I mention he’s one of the great members from West Coast Action Team (WCAT)

Donyale Luna

Since today is memorial day, I thought it would great to accept some important figures who reshaped the fashion industry. One of the sistah’s is Donyale Luna. This Detroit native was one of the first black models to be featured in Vogue Magazine (March 1966 issue), which paved the way for Beverly Johnson, Naomi Campbell, Chanel Iman, Joan Smalls, just to name a few! Beside modeling, She also did work as an actress with Pop artist, Andy Warhol .

 Just looking at her image you can tell she lived the life as an artist. Her beauty and energy is truly undeniable! Although her life was short lived, her contribution will last forever. Ladies of the future generation, takes notes.

Elle Man Mexico with Jon Kortajarena

Fashion Model, JOn Kortajarena featured in the latest Elle Man’s magazine. Styled in Hugo Boss and Carolina Herrera by Daniela Rodriguez and Pamela Ocampo, The looks were completely basics, yet effective! Solid  black button up,Leather Jacket, White trainer shoes, Denim (Jacket and jeans, Tux are key items which should be in every man’s stable.  The euro look was constantly throughout the images. Any man can pull these looks off without a problem! You can never go wrong when it comes to the classics!


Fist of Dragon Trailer

Bringing back the roots of martial arts cinema from the 90’s of Jackie Chan and Jet Li, Martial arts newcomer Michael Chouah is showing the new generation hows it done! The new film featuring soon in asia is Fist of Dragon. Quite frankly the title is not as innovative; yet it appears to have something to look in to considering the producer of Ip Man 2 is behind the project.. From looking at this trailer, I will be more pleased Chouah hand technique opposed to his feeting. The observation from looking at the trailer display a balance of hands and kicking strikes.

Most people are naturally better in one particular department; however, I am willing to give him the benefit of doubt. About time there are some new faces emerging from the ashes. This film will be releasing in Singapore on August 22nd.


V magazine (Asian Issue)


Straight from the page of V magazine’s Asia issue is Tao Oakmoto,  Fei Fei Sun, Shu Pei, and Liu Wen. This sexy models are some of the top Asian models in the game. Being in numerous campaign ads and runway shows, these girls has down it. Each one of them delivers a different side of energy. Classical black and white backdrops never fails. Quite frankly, I am glad to see more variety in the fashion ads. Do I think its enough, Hell no! Nevertheless, this is a start.

Mafia Holloway vs. Jerry “Fast feet” Fontanez (old skool)

I really can’t express my love for old skool competitions. Personally, I feel like the skill and attitudes were so organic opposed to providing an ostentatious commercial feel it has today. These two guys are among some of the best fighters (still are)! Anthony “Mafia” Holloway vs. Jerry “fast feet” fontanez, founder of Reksuits, duke it out! Both fighters have their own sense of style followed allowed with strong basics. These east coast fighters always made a statement. Check out the ref in the middle killing it with that 80s swag!

Ryan Gosling in Ferragamo

There have been a couple of photos of actor Ryan Gosling in Salvatore Ferragamo. I must say he really does pull the looks off pretty well. The first look from above is more of a weekend resort look with the classic blue and white wingtips while the next image towards a formal look. The tailoring is emaculate and the attitude is effortless which accentuates each look. Overall, these are classical pieces which would not go out of style!


Matt Mullins – Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat Legacy)

5x world weapons and forms champion, Matt Mullins. has been making quite a name for himself in the martial arts film industry. Formerly a protege’ of Mike Chat, Matt Mullins is also a member of the groundbreaking performance group, sideswipe and featured in countless commercials. This video he protrays the flashy and egomaniac, Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat Legacy. Love the angle of showcasing the rise and fall of the character. Action scenes were pretty standard, but its great to see scenes without too much flash! I would love to see a fighting scene with Matt Mullins and Scott Atkins in the future..

Fontanez vs Alston – Compete 1993

another old skool fight held at the Compete Nationals circa 1993. The match is Jerry “Fast Feet” Fontanez vs Hakin Alston. Both of these east coast fighters have paid their due in the point fighting game in sport karate world. Very aggressive, but the key in this game is speed (be first)!.