Donyale Luna

Since today is memorial day, I thought it would great to accept some important figures who reshaped the fashion industry. One of the sistah’s is Donyale Luna. This Detroit native was one of the first black models to be featured in Vogue Magazine (March 1966 issue), which paved the way for Beverly Johnson, Naomi Campbell, Chanel Iman, Joan Smalls, just to name a few! Beside modeling, She also did work as an actress with Pop artist, Andy Warhol .

 Just looking at her image you can tell she lived the life as an artist. Her beauty and energy is truly undeniable! Although her life was short lived, her contribution will last forever. Ladies of the future generation, takes notes.

One thought on “Donyale Luna

  1. LUV HUH!!!!

    She gets a bum rap and very little respect from the black community because during the height of her popularity in the ’60s she refused to address or admit the fact that she is black. I can understand why she did that given the racial climate of the time and her desire to be a high fashion model.

    Still, there’s no denying her impact. She was THE first black woman on the cover of Vogue – albeit British Vogue but still…

    Our supermodel sistahs of today wouldn’t be where they are now with Donyale’s trailblazing and influence.

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