Team Swank – Styling workshop

If I haven’t told you god didn’t bless us, then slap me (just prepard for a block punch reaction). Turns out celebrity fashion stylist, Olori Swank of Swank Consulting firm has organized a workshop for aspiring stylists! Now is the time for people like us to sit down and take notes on how the game is being done! Some of you out there may be skeptical if this is legit. As an avid supporter of fashion,  I would never stir you guys in the wrong direction (my homeboy is on the squad). There will be 3 different course which are:

1. The Business ($175) – a 3 hour course of the business side of fashion styling and how to get started. style development, various job types, job prep, determining rates, budgets, shopping & returns, pull requests, building contacts, getting work, production companies & agencies, how to build your portfolio, and how to build your prop kit.

2. The Fundamentals ($100)-  forecast trends, , how to conduct pre-production research and fittings, how to use the tools in your styling kit, dressing different age groups & body types, personal shopping, building inspiration boards and fashion history. You will receive an all-inclusive workbook for this course

3. Portfolio ($375) – You take a guess (self explanatory)

The classes wtill be from June 24th – 26th

Location: 233 Mitchell Street Suite 350 Atlanta, GA 30303

get more info here fashionistas

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