Yves St. Laurent (YSL) Eyewear collection

Yes its YSL, I don’t have to spell it! This video right here is presenting the latest eyewear from the Parisian fashion house. One thing about the label’s eyewear always have a classic touch which is suitable to where in almost any occasion. From trap stars to Rock stars, take your pick #kanyeshrug

Sammy Vasquez – Leon Open 2007

Here is one of my great and long time homies, Sammy Vasquez doing what he does best, Trick his ass off! He has been all around the world winning titles in the forms division is slowly making some noise in entertainment industry. If you see any of these tricks in a movie, commercial, etc. chances are he’s one of them.. Sammy has been on a serious grind in hollywood making his mark. Working with Chris Brown, 50 cent, lloyd, just to name a few.Watch my boy go to work!

On my Grind..

I have really been on my networking grind lately… In this day and age, its all about who you know and what you can deliver. Had a video conference with my mentor and cousin, Sambeast, on some amazing things going on in the future. Feeling very optimistic about what the future holds.

There is one thing about the future which is you have to focus on the present so you can be prepared for your future. How many of us possess aspirations we love to perform. If that rare moment happened to appear in your present moment, would you be ready?  If you have to think about it for more than a second, then you would need to focus on your dreams now.

There are performers who practice their acceptance speeches since they were kids, model looking in the mirror to perfect their poses, a fighter perfecting his techniques for that very moment they are wished for.  Sure some people are taking the easy route (reality stars), but what is it they have to offer to the world.   Make your efforts count at this very moment.. time is ticking…..

The Ensemble:

Hat: Forever 21

Glasses: 80’s Collection

Necklace: GoodWood, Ambush

Shirt: Maison Martin Margiela

Pants: Ralp Lauren Polo

Shoes: Calvin Klein

Bag: Armani Exchange

Rihanna – Glamour Magazine

First and foremost, I don’t give a flipping fuck what a mothaf*&^%a  has to say when it comes to Rihanna. Besides the fact she is the future mother of my kids (in my head), She possess an “IT factor” which most people fail to achieve in their lifetime. Rihanna gracing that red wig of hers in the latest Glamour Magazine spread.       

When I say she sold it, she’s SOLD it!! Ri-Ri is dope like a pair of those Christian Louboutins with the red bottoms, you gotta have em and shoutouts to the ladies who have them because I know you glad you got em #Hov. Sometimes I have to take intervals at a time to look at her because the beauty is Fucking Ridiculous (in my Rza voice)!



Micah Karns – Overall Grands – US Open 2011

Micah Karns of Team AKA and the popular performance group, sideswipe, has been one of the top teen extreme forms competitors within the past several years. Here is his musical form performed at the US Open 2011.

Out of all the juniors I’ve noticed, he probably is the most stylish! Extreme confidence, great techninques, and charisma! This is perhaps one of his least extreme forms, but it is certainly more than great!With a sick beat, you have no choice to go HAM without an intro. Straight to business!

Judging from his overall performance, it would not surprise me if he become the next taylor lautner.  If you don’t believe me, then check out these other videos:



Reflections of the 9 to 5 work flow

A pic of me at work few months back

Well I know there are some people out there who is curious about I do exactly. Probably not, but lets just pretend. The best response is on the pursuit of greatness. Hell I love the finer things in life; My son, High fashion, Martital arts, Goregous Women, hot models, vacations, and list goes on and on. These loves is based on exquisite taste and not settling for less. NO hoodrich, just fancy #pow! Its hard out here for a pimp.

Recently it has been over 2 years I have been working at my current Job, which I will not reveal the company. Only a dummy would name the company they’re being a representative for; however, I am blessed to manage a job this long. I lose interest in things I’m not passionate about. This is not what I am settling for at one bit. Sure it pays bills, clothes/food for me and my son, #partying&fashion, but this isn’t what I ultimately want.

Everyday when I go to work, I think about my future, which I am currently working on ( things will reveal in due time).  Branding yourself does not take overnight success. There is work involved to achieve such goals. The appreciation of wanting to become your own boss or perform based on your aspirations is the greatest feeling ever! No one in the world should feel like doing something they not thrilled about.

In reality, you not obligated to do as such.  You control your destiny.Your pursuit of happiness is determined based on your ambitions/attitude towards life. True integrity is embedded in the concept of faith.  What are your expectations? Well I know mine. Lets just say, when you discover a problem, find a solution and be that solution to change the result..

One thing I am not going to do is front on any of my viewers. We all are REAL people seek REAL opportunities and Dreams.. The dreams are in the process of working. I would love to hear some things from you guys in the long run.

Dolce and Gabbana going digital

Dolce and Gabbana, one of fashion’s Most prestegious duos ever assembled discussing their views on fashion and marketing strategies on the internet! Each have their own unique philosophy on things which makes their work, cohesive. One of the interesting things mentioned was the emphasises on real life situations opposed to internet focus. This may appear contradicting due to the fact I am a martial arts/fashion blogger; however, we all tend to sit behind the computer living in a digital dream world while missing out on the greatness of life.he f

There is very seldom a fashion designer or artist would have complete inspiration from digital space than real life. Sure the internet provides limitless information that happens to be accessible to everyone in the world, but lets also live life. Now don’t get me wrong, it is definitely an privilege to see the latest fashion shows or obtain instant information from yours truly or other people. We are living in a new era (digital era), so we all shouldn’t rely on digital for everything lol..

Baptiste Giabiconi for Dior (Fall campaign)

Baptiste Giabiconi, one of the fashion industry’s leading models and Karl Lagerfeld’s muse, feature in the preview ad for Dior Homme. Kris Van Assche always designs great garments. I am ready to see whether or not they gonna start a trend for the fall or not. Through the lens of Karl Lagerfeld, the shadows provides a contrast for an artistic feel. They always make some of the best campaign ads!

Matt Emig – Musical Forms Us Open 2011

Alright I really don’t know where to start!! Matt Emig is widely known (nationally and internationally) to be one of the innovators in sport martial arts in the weapons and forms divsion!

The protege’ of Daniel Sterling (winner of the reality MTV series, Final Fu) ALWAYS raised the bar in his martial art performance. He suffered a extremely painful injury, but apparently it never stopped him from staying on Top because this Form is perhaps one of the best yet! Once he threw that spinning hook kick into his combo, I knew was taking no prisoners.

Tournament News

720 = National Tricking Day

I will say this, I don’t try to trick or say I am great tricker, but I do support the movement. Most importantly, support the people who has paved the way for other martial artist to exhibit their martial arts techniques. This era tends to focus less on the kicking, which the result look like hardcore tumbling or cheerleading (that was a joke)..

Old me old skool because if it doesn’t have a kick in it, I could care less. Anywho , I discover this video someone made throughout the years of tricking.

Kanye West’s clothing line, confirmed

There has been major speculation regards to Kanye West launching a clothing line. Of course, seeing there is no prediction when it comes to Mr. West, which means we must have to go with the flow through the rumors.

Louise Wilson, president of the MA fashion course in Central Saint Martins will be doing a collaboration on this new anticipated line. Due to his frivolous and extravagent taste in fashion and design, the question raises will this be like a high street fashion line (highly doubt it) or somewhere in the midst of Play by Comme De Garcons’ , OriginalFake, or Bathing Ape? Ironically I doubt that as well..

Who is going to be the demographic towards this line? So curious to find out because of the upbringing an original fanbase is in the hip-hop community so would it be appealing  (if not, step ya games up). Would the woman’s collection take the emphasis of Celine’s creative director, Phoebe Philo?

We all don’t know until the final product is out for the entire world to see! This tastemaker will have alot of people depending on this line to equate as a Tom Ford for Gucci or Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton. Not sure if Pastelle is going to be the name, but details will be coming soon.

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