Reflections of the 9 to 5 work flow

A pic of me at work few months back

Well I know there are some people out there who is curious about I do exactly. Probably not, but lets just pretend. The best response is on the pursuit of greatness. Hell I love the finer things in life; My son, High fashion, Martital arts, Goregous Women, hot models, vacations, and list goes on and on. These loves is based on exquisite taste and not settling for less. NO hoodrich, just fancy #pow! Its hard out here for a pimp.

Recently it has been over 2 years I have been working at my current Job, which I will not reveal the company. Only a dummy would name the company they’re being a representative for; however, I am blessed to manage a job this long. I lose interest in things I’m not passionate about. This is not what I am settling for at one bit. Sure it pays bills, clothes/food for me and my son, #partying&fashion, but this isn’t what I ultimately want.

Everyday when I go to work, I think about my future, which I am currently working on ( things will reveal in due time).  Branding yourself does not take overnight success. There is work involved to achieve such goals. The appreciation of wanting to become your own boss or perform based on your aspirations is the greatest feeling ever! No one in the world should feel like doing something they not thrilled about.

In reality, you not obligated to do as such.  You control your destiny.Your pursuit of happiness is determined based on your ambitions/attitude towards life. True integrity is embedded in the concept of faith.  What are your expectations? Well I know mine. Lets just say, when you discover a problem, find a solution and be that solution to change the result..

One thing I am not going to do is front on any of my viewers. We all are REAL people seek REAL opportunities and Dreams.. The dreams are in the process of working. I would love to hear some things from you guys in the long run.


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