Inside’s Virgil Abloh’s concepts

This video show here features one of Kanye’s style director (s), Virgil Abloh. As the co-founder of Chicago’s high end ubran store, RSVP gallery,  he takes the time to give out his perspective regards to style and design.

For those who either don’t or didn’t know, anyone in Kanye’s camp has a specific purpose. You really think he would have a group of leeching off his success? Please! Peep ya boy out in this video!


Alliyah – Tommy Hilfiger Campaign Ad

Campaign Ad, one word, Retro… Hot…. Sexy…. Classic…. There is not one word to describe her nor this ad! Tommy Hilfiger was definitely the must have brand in the mid 90’s. Every people in the urban market wanted to have anything Tommy.

Regardless of the rumors, Aaliyah among other African Americans were able to be featured in such campaigns when it was limited amount of minorities doing mainstream modeling. On sidenote, with the 90s trend surfacing, I would not be surprised if Tommy Hilfiger would make an extreme comeback in the urban market.

One thing about this woman was the effortless skill she displayed in her singing as well as dancing. She was the epitome of having the face like Mellysa Ford along the soulfulness of Maya Angelou. This was a plus because she didn’t have to promote sex as an Artist. Her legacy will live on! R.I.P.

Billionaire Boys Club sold out to Rocawear… naw!!!

Within the past couple weeks the net has been going rather skeptical based on the rumors of Jay Z buying out Pharrell‘s BBC (Billionaire Boys Club) . The main concern was the fact the specialty fact going to be available in department store. The verdict is NO.

The brand isn’t much of a bought out, but rather a partnership between the two pop cultural icons. Jay Z knows business at the end of the day. People would need to understand he doesn’t have a net worth of $425 million for nothing. A competent knowledge of demographics and awareness of the attraction of one’s aesthetic is important in a successful business.

Losing the entire BBC aesthetic for the benefits of Rocawear would be completely diminished it. Can you imagine Diddy trying to buy out Roc Nation from Jay. It wouldn’t happen nor would the public. Rocawear was sold back in 2007 for over $ 240 Million while the licensing and marketing Jay Z still controls.

BBC will remain the same.. It would not be sold to the masses; Rather it will continue to be sold at High End Boutiques such as RSVP gallery and others. I under people want to be exclusive, but geez lol!

Linda Denley

For those people out there who believe sport martial arts never got down (especially the female fighters), feast your eyes on this. The woman you see in this video

Master Linda Denley is a 6th Dan Korean Style martial artist (Tang soo do)  is unarguably the best woman fighter of all time! Hailing from Houston, Texas with the nickname, “The Texas Terror”, was given based on her heavy hitting strikes. This ruthless attitude not only made number one from 1973 to 1996, but being undefeated for 9 years (7 years without a getting a point on) is the tip of the Iceberg not counting the endless national and international championships.

Her accomplishments decided for her to own a successful number of martial arts schools which she teach her students to not only excess in martial arts, but use it as a template towards everyday life.

Her athleticism also landed her in working world renown martial artist Chuck Norris (Sidekicks) and Jackie Chan (Armour of God).They say it ain’t nothing like old school and I must say they don’t many women fighters like her today #knownfact


Knife Defense

I love my sport martial arts, but this is what we should be living for!! Defensive tactics which actually are applicable on the streets! This short video demonstrates a couple of ways to defend yourself against a knife.

Defense against weapons requires constant drilling! When you think about it, your nervous system creates an adrenaline rush that triggers which can malfunction your timing and accuracy in regards to self defense if these aren’t practice!

Swizz Beats for Complex Magazine

I must admit its quite refreshing to post something with more Urban swag regards to high fashion! Musician, Art collector, Photographer, and Designer Swizz Beatz graced the stylish pages of Complex Magazine. Simple, yet effective is the main focus. Styled in the major fashion labels such as Dsquared, Maison Martin Margiela, Dior Homme  and Givenchy to name a few, each individual look exude fearless swag (garments perfectly fitted without losing that ghetto chic is always a plus).

In the spread it emphasized the integrity Swizz had on lock as an artist. There was one part I truly appreciate when he stated:

” With clothes, I’m not scared of something different. I’m not scared of something that people might not understand. That goes back to my music—people didn’t understand what I was doing when I was doing all of those hit sounds back then. But if I had stopped doing it I wouldn’t have the legacy I do now.”

That statement was the epitome of being an true artist within the midst of  the insecure taboo’d living individuals which is what we call “society”. Normally most of the time people will never fully understand those who are not in the NORM LANE as the rest.  People hate to figure others out regards to style, speech, or whatever tickle their fancy!

The main ingredient when it comes to style or anything in life is Integrity. Possessing the positive attitude and confidence within yourself of expressing your aesthetic to the world. If we are so focused on diluting for the sake of others, then we are simply cutting ourselves short of inspiration for others.








Tony “Sach” Williams

This past weekend a well known martial artist and actor, Tony “Sach” Williams (Bay Area’s best Karate team) passed away this past weekend. The movies/shows he would more likely seen in were Jean Claude Van Damme‘s “Lionheart” and Xena; Warrior Princess just to name a couple.

Hate hearing anything about martial artist (people in general) going away. One thing is for concern, Tony will be kicking it with the angels with the biggest dojo from the real grand master of all existence in heaven. The video below would be something I picked up from youtube (shoutouts to be the person who uploaded this).  Apparently, from the love this man has given to people, he was not only a champion in the martial arts world, but also in life.

Niketown comes to Louisville!

I gotta hand it to my city; We are SLOWLY trying to come up (although most of the people are still behind lol). Comes to find out there is going to be opening a Niketown in mid-october.

This will be the 77th Nike Factory Store in the US and the 2nd in Kentucky, will be located in Shelbyville Road Plaza in Louisville. This is going to provide a great amount of traffic flowing through the area. This factory store would help from the lost of several businesses proir. Looking forward to the opening!

Rugby Ralph Lauren: Camo Skull Tote Bag

One thing about the fall, you must go hard! I am not just talking about your wardrobe, but also the accessories (they anchor the ensemble).  A way to do so is by demonstrating that inner soldier with one of these Totes bags by Rugby Ralph Lauren.

Presented in three different sizes, they come in a camouflage canvas with a vintage touch, featuring an all over skull and bones embroidery pattern.  Not sure if these are going to be limited but they should be a must have!