The state of Karate : Martial Day Care smh

Alright honestly, I don’t know where to start what is wrong with this video presented via youtube. Here you have 2 possibly adorable kids “playing karate” with real uniforms, belts, and sparring gear in a McDojo; This happens to be a “test sparring” session (never heard of them), but what is the problem you may ask? The answer is simple, they are PLAYING. What make it worse are the parents cheering and clapping over this nonsense!! For one, there is no such thing as test sparring. The only test should be made  is ttesting your skills when you are in a hostile situation.

Sparring is a simulated fight when you have 2 or more people executing strikes, locks and throws. In sparring, the techniques during ones training will be tested based on speed, timing, and accuracy. Sparring is not to joke around and play about. Even though, you will experience minors and cuts, but playing around as such in this video would great you messed.

Parents should really be ashamed of themselves paying hundreds of dollars for crap like this for their children. Possessing a black belt now is like having a high school diploma (it don’t mean squat!).  I can tell their parent bought their black belts. I’m not knocking anyone who wants to take kids to Martial Day Care because that is what McDojos are! People want to know why martial arts is a current laughing stock smh..

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