Introducing : The Reach Arm

I am pretty sure there are plenty of martial artists across who are unable to find a sparring partner. Isn’t that the most depressing thing to experience; Personally, its something hard to come by on a regular basis. You practice your kicks and punches to maintain your power and technique. It doesn’t matter if you have the fastest punch or most powerful kick if you timing is on point!

Timing, ah we found the key work. Well, the product I am writing about will actually keep enhance and develop your speed and timing from various strikes.The Reach Arm, is the next must have tool for martial artist to add to their training equipment. The arm shoots out in various speeds. The speed adjustment is great for those are trying to get comfort with their blocks or evasive techniques (bobbing and weaving). Once you are confident in a particular speed, increase it!  Beware because the arm is not telegraphic!

In martial arts, the last thing we would want to do is telegraph! Telegraphing allows for our opponents to be prepare for a counter, evade or reset from from their initial attack. The various speeds on the Reach Arm shooting at different angles will increase your sense of timing and reflexes. Nont onlyits a great defense tool, but you can also develop timing in your strikes too. Speed is your best friend with the Reach Arm.

The greatest benefit is the person using the arm doesn’t have to be a martial artist! That one friend who always want to be help you train can finally do that without injury! Its hella dope because this will be one of my prayers answered for helping timing when there is no martial arts around to train with! The videos will give demonstration for ways to use the Reach Arm. They will be in production pretty soon. Visit  Reach

The end of D&G

Today I receieved some of the most heartbreaken fashion news since Alexander McQueen‘s passing (RIP). It has announced that Dolce and Gabbana will shut down their diffusion line, D&G and bring it towards their higher brand, Dolce and Gabbana (duh!).

Not sure if any people out there who are not into fashion that this line was more geared towards the younger generation. D&G is more of youthful casual appeal while Dolce and Gabbana is more formal.

Now mind you both brands are highly known for their brilliant tailoring, edgy campaigns (inspired from Tom Ford if you ask me), and maintain the glamorous aesthetic throughout the years.  Many of the celebrities you see on the red carpet has rocked some of the best garments from the dynamic duo. The clothes makes a complete statement, which is why the brand stayed reference.

However, the collections began to get not so interesting. I am not if this dealt with the chemisty far as working with your partner or what. Don’t get me wrong because they still went hard with majority of their collections. It really sucks to hear the brand I love the most is about to be no more after spring 2012. WTF #FML

Fashion Trends: Color Blocking

One Observation I have learned about Men’s fashion trends is the fact they happen to linger beyond 6 months. It is mainly the women’s trends who happens to change more frequently opposed to their counterparts.

Depending on how rapid trends become people towards the masses it can be a good thing or a bad thing. Within the past several months, Color blocking has been one of the trends to rock! From the lookbooks, your runway shows, to the taste-makers in the fashion world, its indeed the most fun trend currently out!

Color Blocking actually allows for the person to demonstrate their fashion side. Juxtaposition of colors is the key here people. The contrast of hues creates an excellent effect on the ensemble. Color blocking is another trend I truly wish would not leave alongside the military trend. More color blocking items and images coming soon!

The September Issue – Karlie Vloss – Vogue

Presenting some of the editorial images of the latest September Issue of American Vogue. Fashion model, Karlie Vloss of next models is featured in the spread which shows influence in the Far East. The images ranges from the countryside, visiting national landmarks to partying with shaolin monks; Sounds like my kind of party! Wonder who convinced them to leave the temple and let it loose..

Alright I kid, but the lens of Mario  Testino and styling by Tonne Goodman is truly remarkable! I have have always been fascinated with Asian inspired themes. Can’t wait till I have my moment to shine.


N***** in Paris…… Fashion Week

The NBA stars have been showing a perfect attendance to New York Fashion week, but where was Yeezy? This week there has been alot of discussion going on in the media regards to Kanye West not being a main figure attending  New York fashion week. Known for his incredible style and taste for aesthetics, this is not a usual thing to witness or hear. Kanye always makee fashionable statement while being the celebrity people love to talk about.  Like the VMAs, people are eagerly anticipating what Kanye has up his sleeve. The truth is we don’t know.

However, there are speculation Mr. West will have a slot to showcase his debut collection at Paris Fashion Show, according to Harper’s Bazzaar Australia. The women’s collection will be shown on October 1st approx. 9 A.M. (hopefully that is EST).  With the help of a fashion editor from Harper’s Bazaar, Christine Centenera, who will be guiding the aspiring designer as a consultant. Honestly right now this is hearsay because last time it was Louise Wilson (presidident of  the MA fashion course in Central St. Martins).

The truth is no one cares any longer! Shifting stories  of what is going to be in featured is highly skeptical. For example, Would the collection be appealing in regards to other demographics. We all know he has a way of exhibiting his material! Is the women’s collection gonna provide a retro vibe or is going to have some Drapy ancient Greek inspired gowns and Motif prints  like Versace (come to think of it, WTF happened to pastelle????). Judging fro his aesthetics, I would not be surprised if he is trying to be like the black Alexander McQueen. At least give us a sneak peek lol!!


The Queen B and The Barbie – New York Fashion 2011

Normally I don’t really like doing candid shots based on whose fitting front row at fashion shows; Judging the looks on their faces, I could not resist. Here you have a THE Queen B of fashion, Anna Wintour, sitting along Hip Hop artist Nicki Minaj at Carolina Herrera‘s fashion show. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but how many is in this picture?I have one for you, SHADE!

Yes there is plenty of shade in this photo and I am not talking about Mrs. Wintour’s glasses either. Could the seating arrangement got mixed up. I am not taking anything from Nicki, but it says alot for a person to be sitting next to the biggest fashion figure in the world.  Nicki doesn’t look happy with they cotton ball candy dress while The queen is.. well I don’t  how she is feeling right now…  However, I must say its priceless

Antonio Azzuolo – Spring/Summer Collection 2012

I really don’t have to say much about Antonio Azzuolo because every last one of his ensembles are incredibly tailored and aesthetically the ish! The collection takes a range of the savile row Gentleman regards to the suits to nautical approach. Double-breasted suits are slowly making a huge comeback while the sportcoats and blazers are taking us back to the 90s with a modern twist.  I have not seen any collection of his which I haven’t liked yet. Totally speechless.


Leo Velasquez – Evident Future

There’s a new designer in the mix and he is only looking towards the FUTURE, Evident Future to be exact! Leo Velasquez(LV) has been in the fashion scene for quite some time now.

Kid Cudi's first international magazine cover, styled by LV

Some people outside of urban fashion may not heard his name or face on regular basis, but this New York bred tastemaker has been putting in work!! Styling newcomer artist, Miguel and Designed the garment for Usher‘s OMG tour is only the tip of the iceberg of his work.

Now featuring his debut collection to the fashion is going to scream another level of creativeness into the atmosphere. His debut collection was featured recently. Aesthetically, the collection is brilliant. LV ( mainly knows “LV the stylist” ) uses alot of leather which is a pretty brave material to use; yet, his design would make any fashion male or female wanna step out! Never be afraid to step out when you never want to fit in the crowd in first place.

The campaign video along with his styling in the past couple years is futuristic ghetto chic! featured in my opinion is giving Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens, and even Rad Hourani a run for their money already! very excited to see what he has to offer in the future. Check out his blog, Evident Future

Fight Science featuring Bas Rutten

National Geographic Channel presented an educational martial arts show hence the name, Fight Science. Fight Science explores the scientific mechanics of martial art strikes, and breaking from fellow martial arts practitioners.

This small clip demonstrating the velocity and power a mma round kick delivers to the body from THE charismatic MMA fighter Bas Rutton. Shocked by the incredible results from  the kick. Determined to declare whether their stats were correct, the result was not only true, but was greater than the previous test!!

The slight difference from the typical round house  is the targeted areas. In most styles, the round kick is executed by striking from their instep. However, Muay Thai fighters and MMA fighters tend to use then shins. There is no discrimination which one is more effective from the other because they can deliver the message quite well.

Who would really imagine a kick can deliver much damage as a car wreck. Not sure about yall but I am not going to allow that to happen. F$%# that lol!

Nike Mag 2011

Talk about some futuristic fly shit! Now I must admit, this are by far one of the most impressive shoe I have ever seen! Nike has launched the Nike  Mag 2011, which inspired as the shoe Marty Mcfly wore from Back to the Future. . This is Nike’s first rechargeable footwear providing the structure and LED panels that glow for 4 hours after a full charge.

The shoes will be at a limited amount of 1,500 ranging from the price from $3500 – $9000 . The proceeds will go directly to the Michael J Fox foundation, which is use to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.