Introducing : The Reach Arm

I am pretty sure there are plenty of martial artists across who are unable to find a sparring partner. Isn’t that the most depressing thing to experience; Personally, its something hard to come by on a regular basis. You practice your kicks and punches to maintain your power and technique. It doesn’t matter if you have the fastest punch or most powerful kick if you timing is on point!

Timing, ah we found the key work. Well, the product I am writing about will actually keep enhance and develop your speed and timing from various strikes.The Reach Arm, is the next must have tool for martial artist to add to their training equipment. The arm shoots out in various speeds. The speed adjustment is great for those are trying to get comfort with their blocks or evasive techniques (bobbing and weaving). Once you are confident in a particular speed, increase it!  Beware because the arm is not telegraphic!

In martial arts, the last thing we would want to do is telegraph! Telegraphing allows for our opponents to be prepare for a counter, evade or reset from from their initial attack. The various speeds on the Reach Arm shooting at different angles will increase your sense of timing and reflexes. Nont onlyits a great defense tool, but you can also develop timing in your strikes too. Speed is your best friend with the Reach Arm.

The greatest benefit is the person using the arm doesn’t have to be a martial artist! That one friend who always want to be help you train can finally do that without injury! Its hella dope because this will be one of my prayers answered for helping timing when there is no martial arts around to train with! The videos will give demonstration for ways to use the Reach Arm. They will be in production pretty soon. Visit  Reach

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