My trip back to Olympic Karate

Wednesday nights are sparring nights at Olympic Karate. Fortunately, I was able to stop by and do some sparring for a little. Majority of the time, I catch myself drills more than sparring with some of the juniors. The real stuff was after practice when my martial arts instructor, sifu Taylor was showing me some chi sau.

Chi Sau is a form of drilling from the southern kung fu style, wing chun. Chi Sau, which means sticky hands develops the sensitivity of each practitioners. Its all about feeling it fused with second nature of what you have learned. Like all art forms it is best to reinforce your foundation in order to gain proficiency in the advance drills, etc.

From the original school, I came from years ago was hybrid of freestyle tournament style karate and wing chun. The older I got, I realize if there you want to elevate as a martial arts is go back to the roots (which I am doing right here).. The school was great for what it was and helped me tremendously as a fighter, but I wanted something more structure and fundamental regards to philosophy and the essence of the techniques made.

I have gave an greater understanding in the art of Wing Chun. I have happen empty 95 % of my cup to rebuild my foundation as a martial artist. Its ok for us to restart in a certain angles of our art; quite frankly, its humbly. Sifu Taylor is great teaching me as I focus on rebuilding my foundation of the art.

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