Keds X Opening Ceremony

Sneaker Company Keds has recently collaborated with the trendsetting clothing line Opening Ceremony for the launch of Ked’s upcoming clothing line. The collection will emphasize the iconic looks of Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn. The inspiration of those icons means you better not mess! I am very skeptical, but if it market very well, then it can be a decent success.


Christian Louboutin – John John Shoes

Christian Louboutin has taken different approach to the men’s Derby shoes. The combination of patent leather toe with the dark blue satin and waxed shoe strings caused this shoe to be a knockout for the season. Widely known for its “Red Bottoms“, Christian Louboutin is meticulous about the quality. This shoe clearly shows. The price of $865.00 is what I would need to save my milk money, but they say the best are worth the investment.

Dazed and Confused

Pop stars Pharrell Williams and among a few others will be featured on the upcoming cover of Dazed and Confused Magazine. I am always a sucka for black and white shots. On the contrary, I am not really digging these covers. I am sure the spread will be more promising as to the cover. We shall see.

D&G: tax evasion

There was a recent outburst from Domenico Dolce of Dolce&Gabbana via Twitter in regards to the accusations of tax evasion. The dynamic fashion duo will have to appear in court pertaining to this nonsense.. According to sources, the government is trying to stick them for the paper if ya know what I mean. The tweet was immediately taked off from the account. If this is true, don’t pull a Wesley Snipes on us. The fashion world need y’all.

Essential Homme – sweaters

The November/December edition of Essential Homme features a variety of loving sweaters. Sweater knits from Gucci, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Burberry Prorsum and other labels were displayed in a relaxed manner.


Dudes night out!

It have been a while since I post some of my personal shit on here…. I happened to kick it with the homies this past weekend. Alot of things were poppin around the way in da ville (louisville fyi); Black and Diamond party featuring Boris Kodjoe, Meek Mills concert at the Gillespie.. For some reason I didn’t want to be around a bunch of folks being brand new and half dressed. Honestly, there was no bloody hell I would pay for an event where I see majroity of the same people at local parties #next! But the greatness of having free drinks and admission to 4th st live sealed the deal!

From time to time, frivolous spending has been a slight hobby, but whose gonna complain about free shit (we in a recession, shit is depressing)! Going to Hotel was the winner! Winning was truly an understatement because the eye candy was out saturday night! Hair did, Nail did, everything did; yeah, they was fancy..

The blASIANS took it to the hole, Kobe!

Talking about a slam dunk, thsese chicks always bring it every time! I’m superman and they are my kryptonite.. A few more drinks and I was good for the night..

My attire was ghetto chic for the most part. Raf Simons T-shirt, Ambush Pow! chain, William Rast Jeans, Asos leather jacket, and Y-3 sneakers (accessorized with a faux fur snood from Forever 21)… I was kinda bummed they didn’t let me rock my Snake skin print Miami Heat Snapback …

I’m very rich bitch!

For those who I have been watching the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta may have experienced a great introduction. Nene Leake’s “I’m very rich bitch” phrase has caused a huge response in the twitter. Now the Atlanta housewife hustler will be launching t shirt shown below.

The rumor is the shirts will start at $150.The first thought in my head regarding the price was she consider this as a designer piece. Once looking at the image, there are swarovski crystals on the shirt. Hell you are paying for quality; therefore, I can not knock her for her price. With Evelyn’s success for her shirts, It was a great idea for Nene to slide jump on the idea before someone else does.

The phrase is catchy. I will give her that, but I am only concerned if this is going to be the template regards to people becoming so-called “designers”. Nene is making her money so I am not knocking her one bit. Ladies, word of advice, if your style is not on point and you basic as %&^$ don’t bother rocking this shirt waiting till tax time to cop it. thank you and you’re welcome.


Zara: lookbook (november)

Zara‘s November lookbook screams my sense when it comes to office clothing. It meets the fine thin line between business and casual. Any man can pull these looks off very easily.

Home Alone with the Hilfigers

There goes the neighborhood.. The hilfigers are taking those little families with those white picket fences and scrawny dog out with style this season with accent of tartan plaids textured with tweed and wool. The american look isn’t gonna die! I keep telling the some of the people in the urban community Tommy Hilfiger will make a major comeback; Not sure why they be looking at me as if I was sniffing coke *wipes nose* .. Clearly that was a joke, but the joke will be on them.  Say what you want, but Tommy brings up the fight much as his counterparts (i.e. Polo , Gant , J Crew, etc.) .

Nicole Ari Parker – Denim Magazine

Stacey Dash  Nicole Ari Parker graces the pages and holiday cover of Denim Magazine. Denim Magazine has debut earlier this year with Malinda Williams on the first issue. It really is not often you will see a black owned ndependent magazines featuring beautiful black women.

From a style approach, I love the styling of the cover with the juxaposition of menswear on top with party girl chic on the bottom. The long sleeve top with the sequin shorts finished off with the heels delivers a sexy look for those ladies who want to show off those legs.

For being 41 years old, Ms. Parker (can I please say that twice)…. Ms. Parker, Ms. Parker is still showing these young chicks how its done.  Now she’s looking a litle like Ms. Dash n these shots if you ask me. Perhaps it was the choice of make up. Oh well.. Boris knew what he was doing keeping her.


Rihanna’s collection for Armani

Rihanna simply just can’t stop, won’t stop! The good girl gone bad was previously on a campaign for Armani Jeans. Since she is no longer the face for the brand, Ri-Ri is collaborating with them far as fashion design! The images shown are apart of the collection that will be launching very soon. There is no doubt Rihanna is one of the biggest fashion figures in pop culture, but I am curious what the viewers feel about the collection.

 Honestly, I think is an honest and personal collection. From the looks she has been pushing for some time now (i.e.The leather jacket, distressed jeans, etc) provides the edge Rihanna possess! Talk about her as a singer you want, but you can never take away how she can easily make an ensemble look extraordinary (its here to stay people!). Sexy and simplicity is the key in this collection. Ladies, the only thing you need is a red wig and some swag. You will be good to go from there! Will you look like Rihanna? NO, but you certainly have some classic staples for the closet! lol 


Theophilus London dons the Camel Coat -GQ Magazine

One of the must have staples in your closet is the camel coat. With that being said, This issue of GQ magazine has got us together. Now I was kinda hesitant about the jacket giving off a old man appeal (so does a pair of loafers and a navy blazer #kanyeshrug); however, music artist Theophilus London demonstrates some of us fashionable/stylish men the template how to rock the coat.

As you can see, each look Theophilus has possess its own personality. Because every look is so stylish, there is nothing sacrificing the inner swag he has. The jacket is such a classic, it actually accentuates his personal style. What makes the jacket even more appealing are the simple, yet effective accessories from the scarf to the socks. How would you rock it?