Theophilus London dons the Camel Coat -GQ Magazine

One of the must have staples in your closet is the camel coat. With that being said, This issue of GQ magazine has got us together. Now I was kinda hesitant about the jacket giving off a old man appeal (so does a pair of loafers and a navy blazer #kanyeshrug); however, music artist Theophilus London demonstrates some of us fashionable/stylish men the template how to rock the coat.

As you can see, each look Theophilus has possess its own personality. Because every look is so stylish, there is nothing sacrificing the inner swag he has. The jacket is such a classic, it actually accentuates his personal style. What makes the jacket even more appealing are the simple, yet effective accessories from the scarf to the socks. How would you rock it?

1 thought on “Theophilus London dons the Camel Coat -GQ Magazine

  1. For womens jackets thast looks amazing on you, you should choose a style that compliments your body shape.

    When I need a pick mme up, I wear a basic black dress,
    and throw on mmy 4″ red patent leather pumps, because they always make me feel like a million dollars, regardless of how my body may be feeling. Leather jacket for no reason goes out of favor today it also comes inn different color and design in olden time only black colored leatheer jacket is available.

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