I’m very rich bitch!

For those who I have been watching the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta may have experienced a great introduction. Nene Leake’s “I’m very rich bitch” phrase has caused a huge response in the twitter. Now the Atlanta housewife hustler will be launching t shirt shown below.

The rumor is the shirts will start at $150.The first thought in my head regarding the price was she consider this as a designer piece. Once looking at the image, there are swarovski crystals on the shirt. Hell you are paying for quality; therefore, I can not knock her for her price. With Evelyn’s success for her shirts, It was a great idea for Nene to slide jump on the idea before someone else does.

The phrase is catchy. I will give her that, but I am only concerned if this is going to be the template regards to people becoming so-called “designers”. Nene is making her money so I am not knocking her one bit. Ladies, word of advice, if your style is not on point and you basic as %&^$ don’t bother rocking this shirt waiting till tax time to cop it. thank you and you’re welcome.


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