Get into the Gruv

My brother/homie/mentor, Carmichael Simon , has recently went to the bay area to work out with some fellow martial artists. One of those martial artist is Grand Master Max Pallen,Jr . Max Pallen has a successful martial arts school (s) along with a martial arts circuit, among other business ventures in the bay area. Here you will see Grand Master Pallen “emptying his cup”.

What makes this video unique is for a grandmaster to re-learn something with martial art inspired elements. This element is dance, Xiaolin Gruv. Some time last year, I made a post pertained to unprecedented experience of Martial Arts, Dance, and tricking combined to a mainstream audience within the likes of artist such as Chris Brown and Justin Bieber.

In the video, you will see Carmichael and Grand Master Pallen working on the Xiaolin Gruv (martial art moves with a 8 count beat). Ultimately, you see the grand master killing it! The moral to the story is it doesn’t matter how long you have done an art or perfected your craft; Far as new adventures, there is plenty of room to learn/grow. You never know whether it would help you take your craft to another level.

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