Sibling Rivalry

Took a trip down nostalgia lane as I reflect the moments in Magic Hands with my little brother, Julius. Julius was my younger brother who took up martial arts the same time as me. Sometimes his wisdom was entirely too ahead of his time, I would question whose actually the bigger brother lol. He had some of the best kicks I have ever seen in my life!

Like every sibling, there is always bickering and arguing. Julius was a great debater. At times, he loved to use his tactics he learned from the debate team against me. I was not fond out debates at all; two huge ego adding fuel to the fire on a potential fight. It was said, its best not to let your enemy see you sweat. The poker face remained on my face. I chose to take my anger elsewhere, the dojo.

Its sad my grudges were used for sparring practice as payback. I loved it once we were able to touch gloves as we bowed before we fought. I was already keep my defense because of his lighting kicks. My anger provoked power to subdue my little brother. Indeed, demonstrating powerful techniques against him worked after all; however, the heat intensified more every time he got back up. I always knew he was upset because he loved to throw late hits.

A so called friendly sparring match led to a sibling rivalry full contact fight. Whenever we have our gloves on, WE WERE NOT BROTHERS!! Simple Kicks and punches led to leg sweeps, stomps, and throws across the room! You would actually think it was a movie how we fought. Matter of fact, this Boondocks video with Huey and RIley fighting was the best description how we fought:

It was always war between the two of us fighting; 2 brothers who were expressing their differences in a unique way. Even though our fights were broken up, we hated each other till class was over with. Pride could not hold grudges forever when you love someone. We could help but to smile and hug it up afterwards. Just from reflecting back, its amazing how much we fought like other brothers, mentally and physically.

One thing I have learned about us fighting is we all have our unique ways of expressing it. We must be able to adapt in any kind of situation no matter what. I truly miss those days!


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