It often rare for me to actually have the people I care about alot celebrate a day, which I felt was very important to me, my birthday. I didn’t really get to chance to do anything on my birthday (which was on a thursday) because I had to work at my day job. Needless to say, the weekend began at 5:00 P.M. friday.

I would have to my weekend was an event. My cousin, Sam Beast and his girlfriend treated me to all you can eat sushi. Eating sushi happens to be one of my favorite food. The environment was pretty decent filled with welcoming workers. A round of sake and couple bottle of sapporo will be get you the buzz you need.

The following day  My sister took it upon herself to throw my 26th birthday party soiree. Considering this is my first party in almost 20 years, I was totally appreciated the gift (having your bday in the winter isnt the best time). The theme was an Asian theme consisted of Asian decorations, Chinese/Japanese food, etc; it was to display homage towards my passion of the martial arts. Everybody there was just fab and showed great class, style, and humor. The energy was amazing!

Since I was not able to able to purchase anything from the Versace H&M cruise collection, I decided to rock one of the shirts from the previous collection. The shirt was the short sleeve asymmetrical print top. At first, I was not really fond of the shirt. However, it slowly grew on me. The ensemble I was going was party chic! I really wanted to deliver a high-low fashion look with my John Varvatos shiny denim jeans, Express blazer and complete with my Y-3 high tops and Hermes inspired printed pocket square from Forever 21.

After pleasing my wonderful friends/guests, we took the night on the town. We decided to change the scenery by going to Prime Lounge ( a very grown and city scene). Unfortunately the crowd was not jumping as anticipated. The best cure with those situations are being around great people! I was totally blessed to be in their presence. They really treating me like a king, which was totally priceless!


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