Black History Month Tribute: Steve Nasty Anderson

I have concentrated so much attention of the black individuals in the fashion world, I neglected some of the people who made contribution in the martial arts world. One person I am extremely proud to pay a tribute towards Steve “Nasty” Anderson. He is arguably the greatest fighter in sport karate of all time!

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Steve Anderson was the jack of all trades. He could kick and move like a lightweight and punch hard like the heavyweight he was. The amazing about him is the desire to win. Losing was nowhere near his vocabulary. If had to do some trash talking in the process, best believe he is gonna do it!

Fighting in the heavyweight against some big names in sport karate such as Anthony Price, Richard Plowden, Terry Creamer, etc. was a difficult task all of its own! Back in the 1980s, you are talking about having over 30 men in the same division fighting in at 2 rings (whereas today you are lucky to have 12 – 13 people in the division)! He has won title after title and even had a televised fight against Boston TKD’s Billy Blanks.

He truly possess the attitude every fighter should. Steve Anderson is certainly the Muhammad Ali of sport Karate.

1 thought on “Black History Month Tribute: Steve Nasty Anderson

  1. Where mortal men and women stop. ( God fearing men and women begin ). To be a Champion you must train with Champions. It is not enough to be strong, but strong to stand your ground. Strong to fight evil, and strong to defend those who can not defend themselves, and strong to be a leader of men and women. With God in my life all things are possible never quit, never surrender, as long as there is a breath in me, I will fight to take the high ground of Victory. By Iron Mike Wonyetye.

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