H&M’s Expansion


Swedish retail giant H&M has confirmed that it’s planning to open a new brand in 2013.

While the company wouldn’t characterize exactly what price range the chain will occupy, CEO Karl-Johan Persson said in a press release that the new chain is part of a plan to secure H&M’s future as a major player in retail.

“We have many different projects in progress and already next year we will be launching a completely new store chain,” Persson said. “Like Cos, which today is very successful with good profitability, the new chain of stores will be independent and complement the other offerings from the group. We have great faith in this new brand and we see considerable potential for further initiatives.”

Cos is the highest priced and most fashion-oriented of the many brands H&M owns and operates, and if that’s the brand that compares best with the new business, it’s possible that next year will see the launch of the rumored luxury line.

Rumblings of an H&M-backed luxury line started over the weekend after the Swedish financial newspaper Dagens Industri reported that the company would venture into high-fashion territory. Representatives for H&M did not respond to requests for more information about the new line by the time of this post.

>> Update: An H&M spokeswoman told Fashionologie that the new brand will cost more than H&M, but is not being classified as a luxury label. “A new store chain will be launched in 2013 under a separate brand with a higher price point,” she said. “It will not be a luxury brand, but it will be a retail chain that will follow the same ambition as H&M, to offer our customers the best price for a comparable item.”


Puttin’ on for the City

The final four is only a few days and everyone in the city are anxious for the most biggest game against rival, Kentucky Wildcats. F*&^ what you heard or what you think, but I love seeing big celebrities such as Jay Z, Drake and Chris Brown are putting it on for my state and hometown.

I am naturally repping #cardnation (Louisville) because that it’s where I live, but long as one of the two bring it out home for us is good enough for me! It suck sometimes people in your home town don’t wanna rep where they are from. They wait to go to some metropolis city in order to “claim” it. Stop fronting! Sooner or later, I’ma put on for my city (in my Jeezy voice)

Raymond McCallum Vs. Scorpion Burrage

Sometimes I get sick and tired of “traditionalist” and MMA fight claim sport martial arts being useless. When it comes to intensity and entertaining, there is no era better than the 80’s and early 90’s era. Take this fight for instance, you have one of chi-town’s great fighters, Harold “Scorpion” Burrage against Raymond McCallum. This was an interesting match up considering the reputation Scorpion has in the sport martial arts world. Both of these fighters put on a show!! This is one of the best examples what the game is missing today!

Peplum Dress

I am not really the type of person who chases trends, but for the ladies, peplums are totally in like swimwear.. One way to kill two birds with one stone is applying both the color blocking and peplum together. This dress by Asos displays some versatility. Featuring a boat neckline with contrast trim, sleeveless styling, contrast ribbon waistband, a skirted peplum frill with contrast ribbon trim, this dress can be worn either being out on the town, on a date or whatever it is you do!

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Shaolin Training

This is what real training is all about! It’s all about the mind, body, and spirit coming together as one to create an indestructible force! This force can be used for the matter of good or evil. It’s entirely depends on the practitioner. the image are quite similar to how certain things inspire us.

Some people want to become models, rappers, or fighters for the wrong reasons (i.e. fame, money, etc). Instead, it should be something you should see fulfillment by being passionate. Those who are passionate will be resilient. They will endure the pain and struggle in order to get to the top! It’s never easy when its something we want in a hyper competitive world. These shaolin monks right here are about that life! There is nothing breaking them from their journey. This is their lifeline!

Yip Man – Mok Jong

I have come across this not so longer rare footage of the late-great wing chun master, Yip Man. Check out how fluid he was on the Mok Jong. Wing Chun dummy are designed to practice blocks and strikes. The sticks on the dummy emphasizes the limbs of the opponent. With efficient practice, you will begin to condition your own limbs while understand the lining of your technique. A great tool for every martial artist to have.

Jennifer Lawrence – Interview Germany Magazine

There has been a huge buzz about the latest film out in theaters, The Hunger Games. Since it has been released in the box office, the movie has gained successful for American box office reaching towards doing the same overseas. One of the stars of the film is fellow Louisville native, Jennifer Lawrence. You may have seen her in his sexy role as Mystique in X-Men: First Class, has featured on the cover of April Issue of Interview Magazine.I love her in this bodysuit by Dolce and Gabbana. Through the lens of Matthias Vriens-McGrath, he really captured her true sense of beauty. I truly hope her buzz goes up and be featured on the cover of Vogue Magazine in the near future.

Joan Smalls – My Everything

I strongly believe every man always had that model they would love to date.. Well, mine is Joan Smalls! This has to be a monumental moment for the supermodel as she is covered in her first Vogue cover (May Issue of Australian Vogue)! Glamorous and the effortless sex appeal is the beauty of her. This cover shot is one of the best I have seen for the magazine in a while. I am so sure to seeing artists or celebrities gracing the cover. Besides your Naomi Campbell’s, Kate Moss, who achieved the status for special bookings (thanks for educating me Jeremy Dante) , It’s great to see her stepping towards those foot steps. After seeing the her shot on the lust list for GQ, I was locked on to her seductive looks and god given beauty. She is everything!


Clash Sparring

It have been officially reported there will be a new fighting division held at the 2012 US Open in Orlando, Fl. The new division is called “clash sparring”. Apparently, Clash Sparring is no different from regular Point Sparring as practiced in most schools and tournaments.  The scoring and equipment are used the same. The only catch is the point system is strictly enforced. Fighters must effective offense and defense to as in ordered to be rewarded.

Now my first thought about this new division is shouldn’t this been required in the fighting division from the beginning? Often times, I have noticed there are some martial arts who are only good as fighters, but can’t defend themselves in a real altercation (vice versa). Too many times competitors have scored on the account of poor techniques (i.e. backfist to the body or bent leg sidekick which lacked power) being rewarded a points. There is no premium placed on “who scores first” but rather, “who scores most”.

Boxing hook punches and upper cuts are prohibited. One good thing is competitors can score with both offensive and defensive counter techniques and combinations, rather than just being “first”. In Clash Sparring a good defensive fighter has the same advantages as someone who is firing off the line. Clash Sparring also eliminates this game of “tag” people happened to label it.

Hearing about this division gotten me a raised eyebrow. US Open has always been acknowledged mainly because of their showcase of emphasis on Weapons and Forms competition on Espn 2. Ironically, martial arts is the art of defense while the sport does not fully appreciate the fighters. Despite the fact there a competitors come from dozens of countries, the fighting division has been the backburner of the sport.

Quite frankly, this has caused fighters to revolt by not supporting the tournament. The only fighters who supports the event are either on sponsored teams, within the regional area and/or trying to be on TV (the most obvious one). Thanks to the power of social media websites, there have been apprehensive feeling for the fighters. What is going to happen to the so-called “superfights” which the enrollment declined within the past few years. Perhaps having a new division such as the “clash sparring” would leave a bandage over the wound. I wonder what do some of the fighters think?

Hiroshi Shirai-Kata Hangetsu

Sensei Hiroshi Shirai performs for the kata, Hangetsu. The beginning of this kata exhibits a beautiful flowing motion followed by beautiful dynamic strikes. His foundation in his stance are perfect! Despite the open martial arts tournament, the Kiahs (shouting which emphasis on power) are done at a bare minimum. They are only performed when necessary.

In living Color

Now that is officially spring time, Its time for the ladies to start showing off those new dresses, which catches our eyes! I am totally a sucker for the color blocking trend. If I was at a social setting, this dress from ASOS would immediately catch my eye! This garment Mini dress by River Island. Featuring bandeau styling, a color block panel design and an exposed silver-tone zip fastening to the reverse. Designed in a form-fitting, body-conscious style. Those who are socially inclined, this is the dress for you! There is no need to be shy when you in striking colors to match that sparking personality with a dress like this.. The price is not bad either!

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Dick Tracy Swag!!

Color Blocking has still an on-trend this season. One way to get notice in such style is with this Trench Coat by Zara. This stable would give you the pop you will need whenever you step into the room. Because Yellow provides any extreme pop, you either wanna make sure this is the main player in your ensemble with neutrals. Proportion is definitely key if you decide to use the cool colors (i.e. blues and greens) or warm colors (i.e. reds, orange)…