Reflections of my former style

Back in my Rocawear days with my younger brother, Julius

Today I listened to some music back from my college days at Kentucky State University (K-State). During that time, It was when Dip Set and Kanye West was became popular (circa 2004). That was the music mainly listened too for that moment, which reflected my so called sense of style. My style was hood urban (urban is such a broad word, which can be anything as punk, rock, etc). You know, Rocawear everything with Timberland boots and Nike Air Force sneakers is all I wore! All of my friends wore it as well. I was not a thug by any means, but it was totally on trend in the urban community.

As I lay back listening to one of my favorite tracks during my first years in college, “Higher” by Do or Die feat. Kanye West, it was totally nostalgic. The smooth instrumentals allowed me to take a glimpse of my memory museum of sweet late adolescent adventures of being on campus with my friends and band members. Appreciating Kanye’s first stage coming out as an artist was my new attempt of being interested in fashion. During the College Dropout was released, every guy on the yard (including the campuses of UofL and UofK) were rocking tweed blazers, polo collars popped and layered with a sweater finished it off with a gold chain.

As must as I appreciated the look, I totally rejected the idea of falling for a trend which many individuals seeks to imitate. It was so unfortunate because it was a look I already began to do before listening to “Through the Wire” my senior year in high school. NO one was hip to wearing polos, rugby shirts, and blazers. It was only shit you would see ivy league students would wear in the movies.  I decided to wear my button up shirts and Rocawear outfits instead.

Many people I know today would never believe if I told them I dress like that. Nowadays, you will catch me wearing form-fitting clothes with an urban east coast/high fashion sense of style (and European occasionally). Listen to every bar of the music only made me appreciate how far I have come from a retrospect. Ironically, I miss this kind of music he produced/rapped as much as I miss my days wearing urban brands lol.

People fail to understand everything must require activities of evolution. We should constantly seek growth and go outside our comfort zone to recognize how own personal niche. As I reflect, I can only appreciate those past experiences as a time capsule, which lead to the evolution of “wear” I am today.  (fashion, style, music)


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