Spy- Wear by Deatherage Designs

For those who never thought fashion can not exist in Kentucky (let alone Louisville), they were mistaken. Gunnar Deatherage (Project Runway) has recently showcased his look book for his 2012 f/w womens wear collection. Infiltrating down the nostalgia rabbit hole, Deatherage gained inspiration from female spies from world war 1 and 2 called the MI5 and MI6 paid to be beautiful, yet trained to be deadly. It is interesting he used their particular women as inspiration. The great thing about is many people in this generation are not aware of how much these women have risk their lives as much as the men on the battlefield!

With the 50s and 60s trend in womens wear taken effect, this collection was right on time. He kept the collection with neutral colors. In my opinion, the hues gave a mysterious tone which explains its subtlety.

All clothing will be for purchase at the end of may 2012!

Designer: Gunnar Deatherage (Deatherage Designs)
Models: Courtney Blanton, Ashley Brock, Leah Cultice, Lexi Stevens
Aesthetics Hair: Dylan Kremer, Jessica Brooke Able
Aesthetics Make-Up: Micah Severo Ruelas, Juliette Bennet
1st Assistant: Deuce Leader
Videographer: Eric Roper
Photographers: Bil Brown, Claudia Susana, Drew Pluta, Steve Squall
Creative Director: Courtney Blanton
Based on an original concept by Gunnar Deatherage

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