I get it Customed…

After treading a bad taste in my mouth from work, I was not in a happy mood. The life of a 9 – 5 job is not really my cup of tea but it has for the little bills (and garments). One thing that will make me happy almost more than anything is retail therapy! Retail therapy being delivered at the right moment was a blessing from GOD!! As I opened the package, I realized my custom rings from Melody Ehsani finally arrived.

The name I chose was “Iron Will”. Iron Will is martial arts name I chose to adopt for myself. Traditionally, martial artists in dojo always had names which describes their abilities or attributes. Iron is known to be one of the strongest metals. Metaphorically, the word “Iron” reflects strength while “Will” possess the ability to confidence and integrity within the individual (also its my name for short). Through the challenges in life, I strongly believe to face it head on with determination and discipline. We all need these traits whenever we are trying to accomplish our goals.I will always look at these rings as a characteristic God gave to me. It’s amazing how martial arts can symbolically be translated into fashion.


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