Styled by June

The day I saw June Ambrose, I was instantly in love! She is an incredibly beautiful woman with hella swag and unfathomable enthusiasm about style and fashion (talk about the ideal woman for yours truly). She is a woman of poise with such eloquence no one can deny her presence. June has been in the fashion industry styled some of the biggest celebrities in the game. She converted P Diddy and Jay Z from the baggy jean/jersey ensemble to symbolizing the executive businessmen they truly are as well as Will Smith, Mary J Blige, Marey Carey to name a few. After years being in the spotlight she yet to get her own show….. UNTIL NOW!!!

Tonight was the priemere of VH1’s “Styled by June”. One of the great things about the show is seeing the business side of June. People fail to understand being a stylist is not playing dress up in designer clothes; You are their life coach as well! It’s a hyper competitive business where you (the stylist) are the backbone of releasing the ideal image of an individual. Style is personal. This is something June has mastered this skill and it explains very well dealing with her clientale.

Every stylist will always need to have an assistant. The assistants help the stylist to make sure their clients are happy! Unfortunately, I could not say much about Rachel. Despite the fact she was new into the game, she is only there on a humble! Quite frankly, I am pretty sure she got the internship because of a reliable source #noshade. She does not have a personal sense of style, does not have tough skin for the business, and she’s not about that life #shrugs. So what was she doing there lol?!?!  (Back to June shall we)

Overall, the show is off to a great! Naturally, there are many fashion crazed people out there who are blatantly trying to compare whose better between her and Rachel Zoe. It will be comparing apples and oranges. I will keep my opinion a secret, but it has been long for June to finally have her own show. Praise God!!!


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