Wisdom Monday: Habits and Character

Despite the fact there is a sexy chick kneeing the hell out of a punching bag, there is a message which lies beyond those sculpted abs of hers. Often times in life repetitive actions becomes habits while your these habits happens are formed to become your character. The repetition can be either a good thing or a bad thing. If you eat according to your appetite, then that is what you become. This is not something which is determined from others. Its determined based on your actions whether you want to change for the better or for the worst.

There are too many people who regret their addictive habits which lead to their plunged in relationships, job opportunities, etc. For example, I seek to become a successful entrepreneur pretty soon. However, my problem is shopping. Matter of fact, I am a compulsive shopper. The purchase of labels and dope sneakers are great, but habitual ways are affecting towards my goal. In order for me to fulfill my goal, I would know I would need to sacrifice some of those shopping habits (i.e. shop less and invest in your business).

Another Example, I always loved to fight in karate tournaments on my right side. Executing multiple kicks and evasion were more efficient opposed to my left. The habit of being a right-sided fighter only limited me. What if there was someone who observed my fighting HABITS as an advantage by either fighting me in an open stance (a fighting stance while both fighter’s chest facing the same direction). In order to minimize this disadvantage, I had to empty my cup (which is my habit). Emptying my cup allowed me to not only fight from one side, but another.

The moral to the story is when you want to make positive changes, you will need to re-evaluate your habits before they character.We must always have to keep it real with ourselves if we want to grow

“Iron Will”

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