Diet Coke by Jean Paul Gaultier

I has appeared that Jean Paul Gaultier is the new creative director of Diet Coke. The drink company has some pretty dope designs of the bottle featuring Gaultier’s signature flair. The advertisements photographed by Stephane Sednaoui The bottles featured is one with the Breton Nautical stripes while the other one is dressed with a risque corset. Too bad we Americans are unable to cop these bottles because are only available in 9 different countries.

I would not have seen this collaboration coming. It is a known fact soft drinks contains a mass amount of caffeine, which makes you grow a belly. In an image conscious industry as fashion, you would think designers wouldn’t bother considering to do so. I guess Marc Jacobs will be doing a commercial for Denny’s right or Kanye West with Popeye’s lol. I am sorry, but this took me on a loop. On the other hand, I can not complain about the


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