Fashion Label hit or miss: “Helmut”

Looks like the pitcher has thrown another curve ball in the fashion world. Fashion Designer, Helmut Lang, has decided to launch a diffusion brand simply called, “Helmut” . It would be considered as a no-brainer regards this label. I would actually like it as if was “HL for Helmut Lang”, which is my opinion. As its scheduled May launch, the line will consist of asymmetrical tanks, slouchy t-shirts,  maxi skirts, leggings – rendered in machine-washable cotton jersey. Expect prices in the range of $95 to $210 (very similar to the pricing of the Karl line, which I have not heard anything about lately).

I love the design for the line, but I am curious about what the consumer thinks. naturally you would consider this to be unoriginal. Despite its lower price, it doesn’t look any different from the Helmut Lang or something from Alexander Wang. The design and the array of items selected makes you wonder the success of this new line. we shall see.



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