Bad Romance

The entire damn world are more than aware of the media’s bad romance #noGAGA . My good ol’ best friend (in my delusional mind) Kanye West has been canoodling with Kim Kardashian. It appears that these 2 are inseparable. To be completely honest, I have no satisfaction of liking Kim Kardashian. Matter of fact, its a strong dislike. Some would ask why? Well I could probably write a book as to why, but who am I do such a thing #kanyeshrug. I don’t know this lady from Adam and Eve; however, one thing I can not take away from the lady is she sure does know how to sell a look!

They are definitely new “It” couple. The skepticism of them lasting is beyond us. One thing for sure, she better not be on some other shit (i.e. ulterior motives). We Yeezy fans will find you haha! #runtelldat


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