The Face – Naomi Campbell

  The NBC network will be featuring a new show with Naomi Campbell. The show will be called, “The Face” which will revolve around models competing to become a spokesperson for a national brand (sounds similar doesn’t it lol). The supermodel will be one of the three coaches their perspective models along their journey. As of right now, the other two coaches have not been confirmed. There would blood in the water if the other two were from that other show who fired their best judges.

Unlike America’s Next Top Model, there will a worldwide search as they will be their guide on the objectives.  “The Face is a fresh new series that delivers all the elements our audience craves: fashion, beauty and drama,” said Rod Aissa, senior vp original programming and development and Oxygen Media. “Oxygen has been looking for the next idealization in the modeling genre and this project delivers it.”

Due to the declining rating from its predecessor, I would love to know how long this show will last. One thing people fact to understand there have been several different modeling reality tv series. Models of the Runway and among others had pretty decent concepts. Yet, these very same shows did not last longer than 2 seasons. If “The Face” has any success, the great contribution would be from the great Supermodel herself. Timing can not be more perfect to feature a new show since the previous of ANTM’s triple threat force left the stage.


2 thoughts on “The Face – Naomi Campbell

  1. I’m not sure they chose a good judge in Naomi Campbell. I mean yea she knows the business inside out but as far as her character goes can she keep it in line long enough to judge fairly?

    • touche’ .. I never thought about it like that. perhaps the network was trying to find the most possible model to reveal Tyra’s collapsing sitcom. No one else would be a better match than Naomi. People will watch it simply because of her radical behavior and rival towards her counterpart.

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