Back into tournament mode

Not too long ago, I attended a regional martial arts tournament in Louisville held by Master Fred Dillon and family. Considering the fact he’s a martial artist I truly respect, it was no reason to not attend. As expected, the tournament had a great turn out. People from different martial arts circuits came out to support The Dillon family a great event.

Going to a tournament is always like a kid at the candy store. Besides waiting for black belt men to start fighting, there is never a dull moment. Countless faces you have not seen in years; there are of course rivalries, but those are easily unacknowledged. The most amazing feeling was seeing majority of the people who inspired me all under one roof! These guys, Anthony, Juan, Goo, Romeo, Master Sumler from cincinnati, and several others made it worthwhile. The feeling was a incredibly unfathomable release of excitement. I rarely get the chance to fellowship with my martial arts brothers as often. It was like being an adolescent again. Besides my burning desire to become a great martial artist, these guys were my inspiration!

The only problem I have at karate tournaments is the inability to compete. It has been over 6 months since I have competed or sparred with someone else. Its like telling a basketball player he can’t play basketball or a dancer not dancing. Its not going to happen. Not training was not going to be my excuse to not fight (strongly don’t recommend it). I am a fighter at heart!

I fought in the 18-34 heavyweight division. I won my first fight (pictured above). Then I had to fight for 1st and 2nd place. whoever win the fight, they will fight for Overall grand champion. Fighting against one of my rivals for the heavyweight division was pressure. I had him by skill, but the lack of timing/endurance can turn the tables quick! A battle which got the crowd excited while shady judging. The score was a close match, 6 – 4. Honestly, I was not happy getting 2nd place, but there was something more valuable gain then the placing. For not having a trainer while putting on a great show was good enough. Regaining my competitive edge back has motivated me to train harder! Overall, Master Dillon’s tournament was a great event.

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