Karl Lagerfeld as “God” in Snoop Dogg video

Karl Lagerfeld is most definitely a fashion god, but in his new music video, rapper Snoop Dogg gave the Chaneldesigner a promotion to God of All Things. Both men are major pop culture geniuses, and now they’ve joined forces to pay tribute to the glittering patch of France known as Saint Tropez.

The video opens with Lagerfeld, dressed in immaculate whites, greeting the French singer Jean-Roch in the poofy white clouds of heaven. When Jean-Roch wonders whether they’re in paradise, the Kaiser rebuffs him: “You’ve never realized Saint Tropez is paradise?” The pair looks down upon the earthly world, where Snoop Dogg is ready and waiting to start rapping about Saint Tropez.

The lyrics are goofy (“No matter where I go, no matter where I stay / A piece of my heart will always be in St. Tropez”) and Jean-Roch looks like a little puppy next to Snoop Dogg. The singer nuzzles against the rapper, seemingly giddy to be in such cool company.

The video is a fairly convincing argument for Lagerfeld’s claim that Saint Tropez is paradise: the weather is beautiful, the people are pretty, and there are plenty of pantsless gals to cheer on your bocce ball game.


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