3.1 Phillip Lim – 2013 Resort Collection


Wide Awake – Katy Perry – Vogue Italia



Normally we see “Wide Awake” artist, Katy Perry, with the bright and kooky colors. It appears the pop singer has taken another direction for the upcoming issue July issue of Vogue Italia. Through the lens of Francesco Carrozzini, truly captured one of Katy’s shoots to date.



Celine – 2013 Resort Collection

The beautiful structure and aesthetic of the fashion label, Celine, never fails! Creative director, Phoebe Philo, is a master of her craft! A perfect mixture to motif prints and minimal ensembles are what the label is known for. I can really see every ensemble being seen on a hot vacation with effortless swag! Many of the collection had 30+ looks. Celine’s collection stripped to its minimal aesthetics letting everyone know “less is more”.


Alexander McQueen – 2013 Resort Collection

This was a resort collection which raised my eye brow (in a good way). I totally appreciate the juxtaposition Sarah Burton (creative director of Alexander Mcqueen) has done with this 2013 collection. I love the contrast piping in the women’s blazers while high waist trousers were shown throughout the collection. Beautiful textures of metallic gold and silver embossed from the daywear to evening wear. The evening wear was perhaps my favorite because of ageless appeal the garments delivered. On the other hand, the collection gives me a more mature collection (i.e. Carolina Herrera). Naturally, fashion is not always for the young and vibrant. Lets just call this collection, sophisticated.


On the MOVE!

Sometimes you feel as it life doesn’t provide ways for you to succeed; however, the best way is to create a way. Sometimes I believe people from Louisville admire my aesthetics regards to art and fashion, but afraid to acknowledge it as a whole. Majority of the men would be afraid to step outside of their conservative thinking. For example, men afraid wear garments with color or fitted clothes and Jeremy Scott sneakers lol. Everyone cares too much what people think or say about them. That is quite stupid or belittling to the person themselves. I had a meeting with a group of creative dope individuals.

We all are striving for a change and willing to work with each other to juxtapose our passions to careers. Not only are we ambitious, but have a strong passion to help challenge others creativity. Once everything comes to fruition, we will become a natural disaster within our own right! We gonna put on for our city!

“Iron Will”


Stella McCartney _ Resort Collection


Stella McCartney never fails whenever it comes to collections. This resort collection makes no exception. Take a little bit of plaid with a retro color palette and fringes, you have a dope ass collections. This collection truly caters to the versatile woman, which she focused on her strong suits with flared pants, retro prints, boyfriend blazers and lightweight flowing dresses. The fringes and flared trouser was a 70’s giveaway. The color palette took on vibrant hues of marmalade orange, yellow, forest green and hot pink  in neutral accents. Despite the 70s flare, some of these pieces can give a modern touch. Depend on how you rock them.. Overall, Stella slays it every time!

Play Cloths lookbook

Stephania Arenas has graces the latest lookbook for Pusha T and Malice (The Clipse)’s Play Cloths collection. There appears to be some boy meets girls looks. Mad sex appeal with an urban touch is direction with collection. Mrs. Arenas did a pretty dope job doing so.

YSL’S Transition

There has been a huge confirmation which has occurred in the fashion industry. The result has delivered some raised eye brows to us fashion enthusiasts. Hedi Slimane, creative director of Yves Saint Laurent, has declared to change the label’s name to “Saint Laurent Paris“. The rage in my veins began as my blood boiled with such unfathomable anger to such drastic change. I can not explain this feeling; It’s almost like having Bush back into office.

Some people may think it’s just a simple name change, but you are absolutely wrong! You don’t change the name of something or someone who helped change the game for many people! Fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent, was a true revolutionary artist. Behind those iconic “YSL” t-shirts and trendsetting collections lies incomparable moments in time. For example, He was the first designer who decided to have blacks walk in his runway shows. He threatened to pull his advertisements from French Vogue magazine if Naomi Campbell was not able to become the first black supermodel on its cover. Those were risks the french designer took to benefit others to get a change. This is a change which is needed.

Although my examples appear to be semi-bias because I happen to be a Black man, but that is not the case. Opening the door for individuals to be recognized is what the “Yves Saint Laurent” brand means. I am all about giving people a chance to shine when the world opposes it. Black, White, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, etc. I doesn’t matter because we all have something to offer in the world. I truly admire/respect Hedi Slimane’s position and accomplishments in the fashion. Changing the name is like someone remaking the Thriller album, its just something you do NOT change! I call Yves Saint Laurent the Abe Lincoln of Fashion.

“Iron Will”

Chanel – Resort Collection 2013

Presenting some of the looks from the Chanel Cruise Collection. There is a huge ambiguous feeling about this collection. We are all very aware of how Karl Lagerfeld is one of the biggest fashion icons of our generation, but I really don’t know what to think of this collection. Whenever I think about the fabric used from for a resort collection, tweed is the LAST thing comes to mind. It’s the equivalent to wearing linen in the winter. Chanel is very known for them tweed garments. Shouldn’t he just come with another direction. The repetitiveness is such a tooth ache.

The collection’s inspiration was a mixture between eighteenth century French aristocracy and modern punk. Pastel colored bobs worn by the models reminded of my repressed memories of my younger cousins watching rainbow bright. Overall the construction of the pieces are traditionally flawless. I did like the base of the garments, but too busy. If you were going to candy land as a resort, this would be suitable. Otherwise, this does not scream “resort” to me. I truly admire Karl Lagerfeld, but I am truly disappoint, but who am I to judge #kanyeshrug

BCBG Max Azria’s Resort 2013 collection

Desert Chic – For resort 2013, BCBG Max Azria displayed some color blocking with a hint of Middle Eastern inspiration. Floor-length dresses matched with boxy blazers set the tone for the season in shades of electric blue, canary yellow and vibrant turquoise. Billowing kaftans in long and short lengths offer a sexy twist to the elegant staple. Accessorized with aviator sunglasses and a colorful shoe, the Max Azria woman looks ready for a laid-back outing come resort time.

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When Iggy meets WIlhelmina

There has been a turn in the female hip hop community as Iggy Azalea has landed herself a modeling contract. The Australian hip hop artist has recently signed with agency Wilhelmina International Inc. According to the 22 year old artist, she has always had an interest in fashion and willing to expand her brand. Indeed, this will add an extra push because there are not any other female hip hop artist who are signed to a major modeling agency to my knowledge. Her look is flawless! I truly believe she will definitely do great breaking barriers in both worlds!

Leeroy Jenkins- Floral Snapback

I must say that is perhaps the most stereotypical black american name ever lol. Leeroy Jenkins is an urban apparel line which currently sells dope a$$ hats, t shirts, hoodies, etc. This floral print snapback has a vintage look, but still gives that urban appeal. You may have seen Jay Z or other artist rocking this hat. It does give a good pop whenever you wanna rock a t-shirt and jeans or go crazy and clash with different patterns.

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“Iron Will”