IFT – Unzip The Runway 2012

Last weekend I took off from my 9-5 job in order for me to enhance my establishment in the fashion community. I traveled to Indianapolis for the Indy Fashion Time (IFT): Unzip the Runway competition hosted by Dlang Ferguson. Regional designers to compete for grand prizes such as $8,000 sewing machines and funds to help their future collections. This was a great opportunity to learn and network with fellow fashion lovers as myself.

Once I got to the Indiana Historic Society, I was amazed by decor. Before the show began, I was able to network with the other judges. This was a very wide range of individuals whose positions were from designer, stylist, fashion blogger, and fashion merchandising, etc. Learning and experiencing different viewpoints of fashion was the most rewarding experience because everyone was humble (confident, yet humble).

As we were seated in front row, the show began by the lovely host, Faith Moore- McKinley, styled in a gorgeous black mini feathered dress . The gorgeous models dressed in all white strutting down the runway. The cascaded garments flowed in a harmonious fashion off each model displayed its own unique personality. I was indeed amazed. The collection presented from the 16 competitors were from all levels; some were good while others were very novice. In conclusion, the host decided to showcase her ready to wear collection.

Every judge were interviewed about the show. Personally, I was mainly focused on the designer’s aesthetic. Anyone who follows my blog knows how expression of oneself is extremely important in everything we do. You can always know what a designer feels based on the inspiration of their designs; however, the most important lesson was the detail inside the garments.

Overall, this was beyond a great opportunity to experience as Indianapolis has welcomed me in their unfathomable arms. These people were beyond wonderful! The event truly gave a positive reflection to those who become a designer. This will be a great start! Dlang Ferguson gave a wonderful show. Thanks for the opportunity.

“Iron Will”


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