D&G sneakers

There was no way for me to stand in a line for some sneakers. Even if you are the biggest fan to the most talked about hip hop artist in the world. This past weekend, Kanye West launched his sneakers a day after his birthday. Due to the extreme hype and savage activities to obtain these highly anticipated sneakers, i took an alternative.

The sneakers i recently purchased was there hi-top techno fabric blue sneakers from D&G. The shoe consists of three adjustable straps. The several designer sneakers can very comfortable, but these are my favorite. I do not have a problem with weight of the sneaker.  Seriously would not be “too trendy” by rocking a suit. You can still have your rock star or skater boy swag by using your own mix into it. It does have a color pop, which makes a statement to your ensemble. Contrasting colors would work as well.

Sometimes substitution can suffice in this economy. Speaking of the economy, I think I should not parade about fashionable purchases. Fortunately, fashion is a gateway to express myself visually. It also an outlet for one to escape the harness of reality. Everything worn should not only express yourself, but also according how you feel on a given day.

luckily, I got these babies on sale. With the price of a road trip, probability of a sneaker due to time and money, I think I made a wiser choice.


“Iron Will”

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