Dazed and Confused – September Issue 2012

If there was a vision in my head where aesthetics have reached towards an entry towards a utopia before heaven, it would look like this! Christophe Lemaire’s latest collection, makes an appearance in the September 2012 issue of Dazed & Confused. Through the lens on Pierre Debusschere, the images are gives me an Aha! “Take on me” moment, which the comic world was fused into reality. I can honestly see how there can be some “smoke and mirrors” pertain to paint strokes interfere with the garments being present. Sometimes in life, people will always give the same impression whether its appealing or distasteful. Overall, I always “Dazed and Confused” approach to bringing multiple worlds together simultaneously.

“Iron Will”


One of the best things in the world is personal time. Sometimes I like to think and view how I wish to create my utopia. Reflection allows me to evaluate my present actions.  Depending on my raw desire to reflect, I possess the full capability to changed, personally. Honestly, we possess this characteristic while some choose to do so. There should never be a limitation of our true worth. We, as individuals, are priceless specimens who can change the world around us. Before there can be another further action, we must reflect.

Shirt: Forever 21; Short: Polo Ralph Lauren; Hat: Forever 21; Shades: 80s Purple; Sneakers: Jeremy Scott by Adidas ObyO

Introducing Thom Grey

American fashion designer Thom Browne will be making some of his work a bit more accessible, with a new wallet-friendly and more youth-oriented diffusion line going by the name Thom Grey. This capsule collection will bring a 40 to 50-percent price reduction to Browne’s signature oxford shirts, tailored jackets and rugged outerwear, all in a series of American sportswear-inspired pieces designed to appeal to a younger, more sensible and fashion-savvy consumer. The line will entail a lesser emphasis on structured outerwear, instead going after softer jackets (like the pictured Letterman jacket), and a well-rounded assortment of wool and cotton knit pieces. Look for Thom Grey to begin landing exclusively at key retailers like Barneys New York, Harrods, and I.T boutiques in both Hong Kong and Beijing.


Dim Mak

It appears DJ Steve Aoki has branched out from music as he released an image for his upcoming collection under his music label, Dim Mak. Now several seasons deep, Dim Mak has looked to cement itself as a full-fledged lifestyle brand encompassing the arts, fashion, and of course music.. The line is currently available at select retailers including Paris’s colette.

For those who are not aware of the term, Dim Mak, is used in pressure point striking. Depending on the martial art practitioner, they can use it as a form of medical healing or a way to harm an opponent. Since this is my  blog converging the aesthetics of martial arts and fashion, I felt this would be great to show this to my viewers. The video below demonstrates the various aspects of Dim Mak.

“Iron Will”

Dries Van Noten Structure Rust Derby Shoe

Designer of the Antwerp 6, Dries Van Noten, presented a new colorway for this shoe.  Rust-colored, structured full-leather upper resembling a crocodile upper. Sitting atop a leather and rubber sole, these shoes also boast a leather-lined interior as well as waxed laces. This is not a Derby Shoe you will see at Johnson and Murphy or Macys! Made in Italy, these shoes don’t come cheap but you can expect excellent construction which should last for a long time! Clearly an investment piece on a staple with an exotic twist! cop them here!

“Iron Will”

10/10 2012 Fall/Winter lookbook

Thai designer Sup Suphanut Suwansanya and his menswear label 10/10, displays an array of contemporary clothing inspired by a broad spectrum of influences including geometrical shapes and anime (i.e. Gundam). I love the range how the design blended the tailored clothing, streetwear, and the avant-garde with a futuristic twist. Of course, this is not the first someone has not given a futuristic approach to their collections. However, its much refreshing to see its from a collections you normally don’t from in many fashion magazines. 

Due to the era we will live, its not unusual to see how carbon copies hit the runways, streets, or anything in natural. This collection was retroactively inspired with a futuristic twist, which is cool to rock in the present. This collection is indeed dope!

Del Toro Special Margom Sole Collection

One of the most appealing aspects of footwear is when designers take a step out of the conservative box with a slight colorful twist. Fashion innovators such as Raf Simons done a bit of “sole searching” with the derby shoes while other brands such as Cole Haan and others caught on to the trend. Recently, Del Toro has released their Margom Sole Collection, which features the brand’s Alto Chukka model on multicolored margom soles. Available in either suede or leather with an unlimited colorway, cop them here

“Iron Will”

Marc Stone – Spring/Summer lookbook 2013

Marc Stone presents his spring/summer 2013 lookbook, a collaboration with Icelandic artist Thelma Herzl by providing some strong spring staples. Through the lens of Ryan Jerome, the extensive collection of suiting and casual wear in hues of cool aqua, light taupe, electric orange, and a beautiful volcanic ash-inspired print.

Marc Stone tackled relaxed silhouettes such as draped trousers and knits to structured staples including sleek suiting with meticulous and geometric finishes which gives a great contemporary look. I am sucker for designer t-shirts and they are a winner in my book!


Fly first class in style with Banana Republic


Time for use those summer trips while you can as the fall slowly approaches. Wilhelmina model, Noah Mills is traveling in style for the latest campaign for Banana Republic. Showcasing the essential fall menswear staples such as cashmere sweaters, tweed blazer, and layered knitted sweaters is beautiful. With Jourdan Dunn (one of my top 10 favs) as the female counterpart to fly in style!

Bas Rutten – Number Drills

It is without a doubt Bas Rutten is absolutely no one you would like to fuck with! This mixed martial artist knows who to send a message with inside and outside the ring. Here is a pretty dope number drill you can work on regards to your punches. Before watching this film, I performed a similar number drill consisted of three rounds. Unfortunately, my version was slightly unorganized compared to particular drill.

There is no need for a trained partner available for this video. Another person could easily shoutout a command by calling out a number, which enhances that attentive ear of yours.

U.S.A. Female Combatants makes history at 2012 Olympics

The United States Judo Team had never won a gold medal. All that changed when Kayla Harrison won gold in the 78 kg (171.9 lbs) weight division in a 2-0 win over British judoka Gemma Gibbons. This is a great start for Harrison as this being her first time competing in the Olympics. At the age of 23, she is still fairly young to push the envelope. She attended the 2008 Olympics to train with eventual bronze medal-winner (and current Strikeforce MMA champion) Ronda Rousey, who inspired her.

 While 2012 is the first year to allow women’s boxing to into the Olympics, history was made when cover girl model, Marlen Esparza, was the first woman on team USA to win a match. Her success to be the first doesn’t start there. The Texas native was also to the first Hispanic Olympian to be the face of Cover Girl and the first female boxer to be featured in a major fashion magazine to cover the sport of women’s boxing. Vogue’s mention of her 62-2 record and 6 national titles to take a nice for the reader’s attention.

Its mind-boggling to see how people feel like women can not do anything opposed us males. One thing I have learned early in the martial arts is to never underestimate anyone. Race, Gender, Age, sexual orientation, etc. has nothing to do with skill. Naturally age inevitably requires adjustment. Nevertheless, it’s not an ultimate hindrance. Performing on a high level such as the Olmypics is truly inspiring!

Marcelo Burlon – County of Milan

Recently I have not gotten the chance to post anything due to obligations. However, the inspiration bulb regards to the aesthetics of life is never dim. When I was browsing on the net, I was intrigued from the recent t shirt collection from Marcelo Burlon (The county of Milan). Burlon, preferred to be recognized as an “art director” is known for his events, parties, art direction and vast connections in the worlds of fashion and art, the Milan based creative presents his first ever t-shirt collection in time for Summer 2012. Collaborated with graphic designer, Giorgio Di Salvo, to make these remarkable t-shirts.

The images are pretty dope overall. Being inspired throughout his life in South America. His lookbook features longtime friend Lea T (and if you’ve seen recent street style snaps, she’s been Burlon’s biggest promoter), and he counts Riccardo Tisci as his best friend, which explains the intricate designs. I am curious about the prices on the shirts. I can strongly see this as a perfect substitute from Givenchy t-shirts. My limit of purchase will be approximately $200 (ironically, I may change my mind lol).  #IJS